Justin Bieber Announces Hailey Is Pregnant On April Fool’s Day And Fans Aren't Having It!

Justin Bieber Announces Hailey Is Pregnant On April Fool’s Day And Fans Aren't Having It!
Credit: Source: foxnews.com

Earlier today, Justin Bieber took to social media to announce some big news – that his wife, Hailey Baldwin is pregnant! Only, that was just a prank, bro!

Since it was April Fool’s Day, the singer thought he'd tell his many followers something some have been hoping for, while others are dreading since they want him back with Selena Gomez.

Either way, it looks like neither sides were impressed by his ‘lame joke,’ so maybe next time he'll try and be more creative.

Justin posted a picture of an ultrasound on his Instagram account today, leaving it with no caption.

He was obviously suggesting he and Hailey Baldwin are expecting their first baby!

But of course, the pic is actually one of the first results showing up when searching the word ‘ultrasound’ on Google Images.

It is also the same pic used on the ‘Ultrasound’ Wikipedia page.

In addition to being aware it was April Fools’ Day and expecting some pranks to come their way, fans also argued that it was obvious it was not true since the image showed 12 weeks old. – Things just didn’t add up at all!

Have you seen Hailey? She does not look three months pregnant!

Here are a few of the unimpressed reactions in the comments: ‘Don’t worry it’s just April fools right?’ / ‘Is this supposed to be funny?’ / ‘Lame a** joke.’ / ‘These kinds of jokes ain’t funny.’ / ‘You should name it April. You know…cause it’s a prank.’ / ‘I had a heart attack 4 a few seconds but then I remembered today’s 1 April. Thanks.’

Even Hailey sarcastically reacted with: ‘Very funny.’

So it looks like most people were just irritated by the ‘lame’ prank and not fooled at all! Better luck next year, Justin!


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