Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Reportedly House Hunting Only One Month After Reuniting

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Reportedly House Hunting Only One Month After Reuniting
Credit: Source: Popsugar

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are officially back together and seem to be moving very fast! The reunited couple is reportedly on the market to find the perfect love nest for their rekindled romance.

It has barely been a month since Selena Gomez was spotted riding bikes with her pop singer ex-boyfriend. The last the public knew about the "Can't Keep My Hands To Myself" musician was that she was in a relationship with The Weeknd.

The fact that Selena was dating the ex of Bella Hadid, who is an associate of her best friend Taylor Swift, made many people look at her differently. But it turns out that it was all for nothing because the two were only together ten months.

It's rumored that during that time, The Weeknd cheated on Selena with a foreign model and Selena was speaking to Bieber as a friend.

Justin has been working on himself for the past year. He ended his tour early to focus on his mental health and his relationship with God.

Selena has always been deep in her faith and now she and Bieber are on the same page for the first time in years.

They're wasting no time to dive back into their connection. It was reported that Jelena is shopping for a Calabasas home to share.

Life and Style magazine writes that the move is Selena's idea but Justin is all for it.

The mag claims "They’ve both grown up so much. Being apart was crucial for them to move on and to realize they were meant to be together. Buying a home to live in as a couple will seal the deal.”

It's good that the 'soul mates' have found their way back to each other. Hopefully, the reported move-in isn't too much for them to handle so soon after they've decided to give things another shot.

Do you think that it's too early for them to share a home?

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