Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin - Inside Their Wedding Planning!

Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin - Inside Their Wedding Planning!
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One insider report claims that Justin Bieber has been really involved in the wedding planning process with Hailey Baldwin. However, he might just let her completely take over and the reason why is really sweet.

A source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Hailey has been busy planning details for her and Justin’s wedding for a while now and couldn’t be more excited. But it’s not only Hailey that has ideas for how she envisions the big day. Justin is also very involved in giving his input on what he wants included, as well.’

Apparently, he is not planning on imposing his wishes on how the big day should be simply because he loves her so much and sees ‘how her face lights up when she discusses all the little details, he actually enjoys letting her handle many of the preparations for the actual wedding day.’

Furthermore, the happy couple has also asked other loved ones for help getting ready for their ceremony.

More precisely, Hailey has asked her sister, Alaia for advice about some things since the 25-year-old got married herself in September of 2017.

Meanwhile, Justin asked his mom Pattie for help ‘to make sure she feels included in the wedding planning also.’

But more than any other element of the nuptials, the insider claims that Justin is focused on planning a continuation of their wedding celebration the very next day since it’s his birthday.’

Page Six reports that he and Hailey are set to marry on February 28, just the day before Justin turns 25!

Supposedly, the dancers have started rehearsing already, Justin’s personal DJ, Tay James is ready to play some hot tunes at the party, and he’s also sent out ‘Save the Date’ cards!

Double the reason to celebrate! It seems like the Bieber couple knows how to party hard!

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