Justin Bieber And Girlfriend Selena Gomez Will Spend Thanksgiving In Texas -- He Will Try To Get Her Family On His Side

Justin Bieber And Girlfriend Selena Gomez Will Spend Thanksgiving In Texas -- He Will Try To Get Her Family On His Side
Credit: Vanity Fair

The love affair between Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez is going strong after they were spotted in Texas together a few hours ago.

The couple was seen doing some shopping and being very lovey-dovey with each other.

A friend of Miss Gomez claimed that they will be spending Thanksgiving in Texas with her family and things might get awkward.

The actress and singer, who is still recovering from life-saving surgery, is said to be in love with the Canadian star and is hoping that her family will welcome him during the year-end festivities.

The diva will be cooking for her boyfriend and her relatives, and she is hoping the excellent food and great wine will help everyone get along.

The source explained: “While Selena is eager to share food and her family with the new and improved version of Justin, the holiday is equally important for Justin. He wants to impress Selena‘s family and show up with something yummy too. He is thinking maybe some cornbread or some pies. Selena wants to keep everything low-key, casual and no pressure but inside she is hoping everything goes well cause this first holiday back together will be a big deal for them.”

The insider continued: "Selena wants to cook some of her secret family recipes for Justin on Thanksgiving. Justin and Selena are making plans, figuring out where and how they will spend the holiday but Selena made it clear to him that even if it is not happening on Thursday, she wants to make some of her favorite traditional dishes for him. Her family has a killer recipe for stuffing, mashed potatoes and Selena also loves how her mom makes a Texas Pecan Pie, so Selena is excited to share her family traditions with Justin.”

The source went on to say that while Bieber is a changed man who is hoping to marry Gomez, her family is not convinced.

The family friend shared: “He is changing to make her happy, which makes them both happy, he even wants to marry her. Selena has gotten criticism from [her loved ones], but she reiterated that she sees a different side of Justin this time. Her friends and family trust her judgment. For now, they are happy that she is so happy.”

Some fans are still doubtful that the relationship will resist the test of time.

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