Justin Bieber Addresses Paparazzi Photos Of Him Crying Next To Hailey Bieber

Justin Bieber Addresses Paparazzi Photos Of Him Crying Next To Hailey Bieber
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In a new episode of Justin Bieber's new docu-series on YouTube, Justin Bieber: Season, the "Intentions" singer revealed the story behind the notorious paparazzi photos of him crying next to his wife, Hailey Baldwin - now Hailey Bieber.

Page Six reported on the new episode of the songwriter's YouTube series, in which he dives into some of his most talked-about media controversies, including the aforementioned paparazzi photos.

While holding up one of the pictures, the singer-songwriter admitted that he remembers just "struggling," and feeling so "overwhelmed" at the time. The star claims he felt "frustrated" by the fact he couldn't communicate the way he wanted too.

Bieber claims there was a lot going on in his life at the time, and he remembers just being "a normal person and crying." The 25-year-old stated that it felt as though the world wouldn't allow him the right to feel emotional and to express it.

Bieber stated that when he looks at the fan reaction online, it appears as though people don't allow him to feel the way that he does. They simply don't accept it. Furthermore, the singer-songwriter explained one of his more emotional days, including the day he filmed the music video for "Yummy."

Thankfully, the singer has found a variety of ways of dealing with his emotional disturbances.

For instance, when Bieber needs help, he often calls upon his health coach, Dr. Buzz Mingin, who helps him deal with the stress through the use of a technique called "Havening." Mingin, in the docu-series, stated that it was a "psycho-sensory" technique that increases happy chemicals in a person's brain.

Baldwin-Bieber described it as a "self-soothing thing," and every person on earth has their own way of dealing with stresses. In other words, each individual has their own version of "havening," and they might not even realize it.

Baldwin went on to add that it was kind of like the way a child sucks on their thumb to feel better. Fans of Justin know that he just got finished releasing several new singles in addition to a new album, although, the fan reaction to it has been mixed.

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