Just 27% Of Americans Believe That O.J. Simpson Will Be Considered A Celebrity Out Of Prison

Just 27% Of Americans Believe That O.J. Simpson Will Be Considered A Celebrity Out Of Prison
Source: ABC News

O.J. Simpson was sent to prison in 2008, convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping. Before that, O.J. Simpson certainly received a great deal of media attention when his wife Nicole died mysteriously and during the trial.

It will surprise many to learn that most Americans believe that O.J. Simpson will be ignored when he is released from his current prison term.

For those from the Baby Boomer and Generation X generations who remember O.J. Simpson well, they certainly can recall O.J. Simpson in all of his glory.

Not only was he considered a highly accomplished football player when he was on the field, but after he retired O.J. was a well-respected sports icon that many people admired. O.J. Simpson had many product endorsements including a major airline, a luggage company and also fashion designer clothing, all which were thrilled to have the retired sports player represent their company.

After he drove his white Bronco truck through traffic in California one fateful day, all of that changed permanently.

In reality, 65% of the people polled for a CBS News Poll taken from September 21st to September 24th think that O.J. Simpson will "mostly be ignored."

However nearly 30%, actually 27% of them believe that the former football player will "regain his celebrity status." The poll is certainly interesting, but it is difficult to tell exactly what will happen when O.J. Simpson is released.

If O.J. Simpson does return to his celebrity status, one can only wonder if he will once again see his terrific glory days from long ago, or if things will be quite different for the newly famous O.J. Simpson outside of prison.

In 1994, O.J. Simpson was taken to court for the murder of his beautiful wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. According to this same CBS News Poll, which was conducted first in October 1995 and then updated September 21st to 24th 2017, the majority of people believe that O.J. Simpson was guilty of those murders. In 1995, 67% of those polled thought he was guilty. But in 2017, the number rose slightly to 71%!

Only time will tell what will happen with O.J. Simpson’s celebrity status!

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