Jussie Smollett's Post Hate-Crime Concert Garners Praise From Media Critics

Jussie Smollett's Post Hate-Crime Concert Garners Praise From Media Critics
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Just a couple of days after Jussie Smollett supposedly was attacked by two men who screamed "Make America Great Again" at him, the Empire actor performed in front of fans and proclaimed that he was doing amazing, despite what his haters wanted for him.

In a statement, Jussie's family stated he did everything in his power to explain his story to the police to the best of his knowledge and memory. Jussie supposedly told the authorities everything he knew, and his story didn't change a single time.

Thus far, literally thousands of people have stepped forward to offer their kind words to the Empire actor. Furthermore, the statement read, it's imperative to understand that this sort of thing is happening all over the country at an exponential rate.

As it was previously reported, Jussie was apparently attacked by two men in Chicago one evening after he went out by himself. Currently, there are over a dozen detectives scanning the area looking for the perpetrators.

The authorities have been tracking the actor's movements on video and surveillance photos. On late Wednesday, it was revealed that authorities had discovered a screenshot in which Smollett was walking across the street from two people of interest.

In one frame, the police explained, he was in a frame without anything on himself, and then in the next, he was wearing a "rope like a necktie." Unfortunately, many people on social media have claimed that Jussie's story doesn't really add up, due to the theatrical nature of the story including the claim that men had screamed: "Make America Great Again" at him.

Some people have suggested that it's an attempt to demonize Trump, the president, as well as those who vote for him. Either way, it's unclear if the police will catch the men in the question, but hopefully, more leads will lead to the perpetrators and they'll be brought to justice.

This tragic story has a happy ending, however. Last night, Smollett's act was hailed by fans and media critics alike, including Vanity Fair, who said his performance was electric.

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