Jussie Smollett’s Empire Fate Is Being Discussed Now What Are His Chances Of Returning to Show?

Jussie Smollett’s Empire Fate Is Being Discussed Now What Are His Chances Of Returning to Show?
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Jussie Smollett's Empire fate is currently being discussed, according to show creator Lee Daniels.

TMZ caught up with Daniels Tuesday afternoon where the fate of Smollett on the Fox show was immediately brought up. The reporter was blunt about asking if the disgraced character would be brought back.

"That is a conversation. That is a conversation we are having right now," Daniels graciously answered.

He would not give any information on how the talks were going or even which way the powers behind Empire were leaning in terms of Smollett. What Daniels did say though, is that he has been praying about the awful situation and scandal since it broke but that he leaves the judging up to God.

Daniels also spoke to Extra regarding how the entire cast and crew are doing in the wake of the public scandal.

"The cast is upset. It is a sad time, and we are slowly healing," the Empire created shared.

As for how Daniels personally feels about the actor after the scandal, well he is still showing his support. It is a message the 58-year-old has expressed before when speaking out about Smollett.

"What I am learning right now is that I can't judge. That that judgment is for that man wearing that black coat with a gavel and God. I can only support him because he is like my son, he is my son, so I am with him," Daniels expressed to Extra .

Even though he has publicly stood in support of Jussie Smollett that does not mean Empire creator Lee Daniels is on board with bringing him back to the Fox drama. He didn't go into specifics, but the show involves a lot more people than Smollett. Daniels has to think about what is best for the entire cast and crew of the series.

Fox has not yet renewed the hit show for a sixth season. The drama has struggled with ratings during the current season, even before the Smollett scandal . However, it is still a fan favorite and Fox knows that, so it will likely be renewed in the next few weeks. Perhaps the renewal and the fate of Smollett are all tied together.

The chances of Smollett coming back to Empire next year are truly anyone's guess. It all depends on how the cast, crew, and executives feel about having him on set, as well as the impact it could have with advertisers and viewers. What do you think, should Smollett get his job back?


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