Jussie Smollett's Case Documents Finally Unsealed - He May Be Hit With Federal Charges

Jussie Smollett's Case Documents Finally Unsealed - He May Be Hit With Federal Charges
Credit: Source: ChicagoNow.com

According to a report from EOnline, the judge overseeing Jussie Smollett's case ordered the documents to be unsealed, and since they were released to the public, now, we finally have more information on Jussie and the incident that supposedly occurred that night.

Jussie was involved in a hate-crime scandal at the beginning of the year, after it was revealed two men, wearing masks, attacked him one night after he got home from filming and then left his apartment to get groceries. The 36-year-old, after finding out the pharmacy was closed, went out to a Subway to get a Tuna sandwich and a salad.

After the alleged faux-attack, he received treatment in a hospital and spoke with the police. The authorities soon surmised that Jussie wasn't being entirely honest with the story, the result of which was 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct for lying to the police and filing a false police report.

The prosecutors accused Mr. Smollett of hiring two Nigerian-American brothers, Ola and Abel, 27, and 25, to perpetuate the attack on him. The two men also own a fitness business together. Jussie was sued by the Chicago police for $130,000 for wasting their detectives' time.

Regardless, all of this old news. What's new about the latest reports is that in the 450 pages of documents, many things were stated about the case, including the allegation that Jussie said to police he was sure they were white men.

The documents alleged that Jussie told the police he couldn't see what the men looked like, however, the hole in his story was that he if he couldn't see what they looked like, how did he know they were white? Moreover, he was unable to provide a description for the second supposed perpetrator.

When the police finally showed him pictures of their two suspects, Jussie identified both of them as individuals he knew. Jussie told investigators, "they are black as sin. We don't have any issues."

Also, it was reported that one of the brothers was in a massive hurry to perpetrate the attack. They didn't want to hurt Jussie but wanted to at least leave some bruises, so one of the men in question ground his knuckles into the actor's face, rather than actually hitting him.

Rather than tying the noose around him, as Jussie suggested, they merely poured the bleach on him and threw the rope on him when he was on the ground. Furthermore, Smollett allegedly tried to buy drugs from one of the brothers, and he also drove to the scene of the fake-hate crime two days before it happened.

Unfortunately for Smollett, the biggest felony he committed during all of this was on the federal level. if Jussie really did send a piece of fake hate-mail to himself, which is currently under investigation by the FBI, Smollett will face federal charges.

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