Jussie Smollett Case: Ellen Page Responds To Latest Update After Standing Up For 'Empire' Actor

Jussie Smollett Case: Ellen Page Responds To Latest Update After Standing Up For 'Empire' Actor
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There's still developing news in the Jussie Smollett case after the embattled actor has been released on bail. The Empire actor continues to face social media backlash after prosecutors say he devised a hate-crime hoax in order to negotiate a better deal with Fox studios. Now, Ellen Page, who was initially in Jussie's corner and delivered a heartwrenching plea against gay hate crimes on Late Night with Stephen Colbert is weighing in once again.

There is no question that if Jussie Smollett is proven in a court of law to have staged a racially and sexually oriented hate crime-hoax that he has done a great disservice to real victims of racism and homophobia. LGBTQ crimes, as well as crimes against minorities, are real epidemics that stain our nation. In order to move forward in unity, the voice of victims must not only be heard but prompt real change.

Hearts must change for true acceptance to take place and that isn't going to happen if people don't believe victims of hate crimes when they speak up.

Ellen Page spoke out against LGBTQ hate in Donald Trump's America, but what happened with Jussie Smollett isn't in accordance with that line of thought.

Unlike what many may have expected, President Donald Trump did not encourage hatred or violence against Jussie Smollett. Nor did he initially disbelieve his claims. While many of President Trump's supporters initially called Smollett's story a fabrication due to statements they believed implausible, President Trump showed support and sympathy for Smollett.

Ellen Page stated the following in an op-ed she wrote for the Hollywood Reporter.

"I ask you not to question our pain, not to draw into question our trauma, but to maintain, wholeheartedly, that hate violence exists. The merits of one case should not and cannot call that into question. The media coverage does not convey the reality and totality of the cruelty and danger we face. This is the story that must be told."

Some people have remarked on social media that the crux of Ellen Page's original message on Late Night with Stephen Colbert was geared towards Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump. If Jussie Smollett did stage a hate-crime hoax and blame it on MAGA supporters, then some feel that the real victims in the case are those who support the president.

What do you think? Do you believe Jussie Smollett? Do you feel that if this is a hoax, it damaged the plight of real victims of racist and LGBTQ violence?


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  • Phil H Los Angees
    Phil H Los Angees Feb 28, 2019 10:27 AM PST

    Without a doubt hate crimes are horrible. We all know that...and don't need to be reminded...as if we forgot. If Smollett faked the attack, this story is about what happens when someone thrusts themselves into the national spotlight for sympathy, accusing others of a horrible crime....and then it turns out to be false. Smollett has accused two white MAGA-hat wearers of assaulting him, calling him racial and homophobic slurs, and placing a noose around his neck. That is horrible.....if true. If not true, it is equally horrible. It means Smollett is guilty of a hate crime. Against who..? Against those he slurred/attacked, white people, and more particularly, the supporters of MAGA. It does not matter that there was no one or two identifiable person or persons that were the object of his attack....he slurred an entire portion of the population. It also does not matter what his motivation was. We don't give others guilty of hate crimes the option to excuse their actions because they were stressed from work....were "in a bad place" in their lives..or any other attempt to deflect responsibility for their actions. We should not give Smollett that option either. To do so would be to trivialize hate crimes. If guilty, Smollett should serve some prison time. To think of all the CPD manpower he 'wasted' in pursuing his case...manpower that could have been used solving real crimes. As Ms. Page has stated earlier: "no one deserves to be victimized simply because of who they are". If she truly believes what she said, then if, and when, it comes to pass that Smollett fabricated the attack, she should have the courage to condemn his actions with the same fervor that she puts forth now. Time will tell if we ever see her do that, on TV or in print......

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