Jurassic World Is Number 1 For The Second Week In A Row

Jurassic World Is Number 1 For The Second Week In A Row
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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom , garnered the top spot at the box offices in North America for the second weekend in a row, and earned an additional $60 million in receipts, reports BoxOfficeMojo.

Incredibles 2 filled the second spot, followed by Sicario: Day Of The Soldado, Uncle Drew , and Oceans 8, with the respective films earning, $45.5 million, $19 million, $15.5 million, and $8 million.

The films after that included Deadpool 2, Tag, Sanju, Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Won't You Be My Neighbor.

While the film has done relatively well at the box office, movie critics have been less forgiving, criticizing it for being overly CGI heavy and having an uninteresting plot.

Jurassic World has a 5.7/10 rating on Metacritic and the critical consensus on the website says there were "few thrilling moments." However, CinemaScore, the company that gauges audience reactions, gave it a much higher rating, with most moviegoers giving it an "A-" rating.

It appears that the film industry has bounced back after their lackluster start to the year. Previously, film critics and analysts discussed the series of box office bombs, with the exception of Stephen King's It, which became the highest grossing horror film of all time.

For the most part, Hollywood executives claim streaming has played a huge role in the downfall of traditional movie theaters, with the advent of YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu, acting as significant factors.

However, the summer of 2018 has a plethora of well-performing movies, with Jurassic World being one of the best ones lately, as well as the Star Wars movies. Other notable blockbusters this year include  Black Panther,  and  Ocean's 8. 

Both of the aforementioned movies included an all-black cast, and  Ocean's 8,  featured an all-female cast.  Oceans 8  exceeded the other installments of the series, including the original remake starring George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Don Cheadle.

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