Julie Bowen Dishes On Coparenting With Scott Phillips - "My Kids Are Good And That's All That Matters"

Julie Bowen Dishes On Coparenting With Scott Phillips - "My Kids Are Good And That's All That Matters"
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Julie Bowen's number one concern these days is her children. For that reason, the Modern Family alum was excited to reveal that her kids are doing quite well following her divorce with ex-husband, Scott Phillips.

The star said in an interview with Us Weekly recently that she and Scott are currently getting along fine for the sake of their two sons. The 48-year-old star, while at the Baby2Baby Gala in Culver City, California, said: "my kids are good and that's all that matters."

Julie, who has won two Emmy Awards, shares an 11-year-old and two 9-year-olds, Oliver, and the two twins, John and Gustav, with Scott Phillips, her estranged partner.

On the 13th of September, Julie filed for divorce after thirteen years of partnership, effectively ending their romance. Despite the actress gushing on Saturday morning that John and Gustav "were great," she and Scott did have some issues earlier in the morning.

Bowen said to reporters that Scott was picking up her kids and somebody fell down and they were just staring at each other, dumbfounded; they didn't know what to do. Bowen said her kid had a giant black bump on his leg.

The actress kept stopping and looking at her phone during the interview; she was looking to see if she had received any updates on her child's injury, adding that she certainly hoped his leg wasn't broken.

As fans of Bowen know, she was involved with Baby2Baby for many years, and now her child, Oliver, is too. Julie said she forced him to go to the event, and he wasn't surprised that she wasn't giving him a say in the matter. He had to do what she said.

Most people know Julie, not only from her time on Modern Family but for her role as Virginia in Adam Sandler's Happy Gilmore, which came out over twenty years ago in 1996. The film has become a cult classic over the years, alongside Adam's first big movie, Billy Madison. In Happy Gilmore , Julie acted as the hockey player-turned-golfer's love-interest.


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