Julianne Hough’s Husband Brooks Laich Reveals Couple Is ‘Going Through IVF’ To Start A Family

Julianne Hough’s Husband Brooks Laich Reveals Couple Is ‘Going Through IVF’ To Start A Family
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Brooks Laich, the husband of Dancing With The Stars pro Julianne Hough, has revealed the couple is ready to start a family. Thanks to the help of in vitro fertilization, which Hough and Laich are currently undergoing, they hope their baby dreams will come true soon.

"My wife and I want to have children in our future and going through IVF was a decision we made to increase the odds of that happening. I wish people would perceive it [that way instead of with shame or guilt," the 35-year-old professional hockey player shared with US Weekly .

Laich is hoping that his opening up about the couple's IVF journey will also help change the conversation for men.

It is not only the mindset of men and IVF that he is hoping to change. Laich and singer Gavin DeGraw, have a new podcast, How Men Think on iHeartRadio. The two men will also have a panel of experts on their show, as they take on those pesky gender stereotypes.

"We want to attack things that are stereotyped or deemed sensitive or hush-hush," Laich revealed to the weekly magazine.

Hough has not yet opened up about the couple's IVF journey, but she has previously stated how she can't wait to have babies with her husband.

The America's Got Talent judge has three sisters and one brother, Derek Hough, while the professional athlete has one sister and one brother. Both have not been shy about wanting a large family.

It is no secret that Hough battles endometriosis. She has been open about her struggle with the disease, which can have a severe impact on the ability of a woman conceive children. Although Laich did not give her condition as the reason the duo decided to embark on IVF, it likely had an impact on them seeking help.

Julianne Hough's husband, Brooks Laich, has shared they have decided to seek IVF to start the family they both desperately want. He didn't share specific details. However, considering how open she has been with her endometriosis struggle; she will probably open up at some point.

Also, now that Laich has a podcast devoted to getting men to talk about ordinarily taboo topics, he will probably share more eventually too. Let the baby bump watch for Hough and her hubby begin!

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