Julianne Hough Says She's So 'Proud' Of NBC For Supporting Gabrielle Union With Recent Negotiations

Julianne Hough Says She's So 'Proud' Of NBC For Supporting Gabrielle Union With Recent Negotiations
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Earlier this week, Julianne Hough revealed she was very "proud" of NBC executives for choosing to sit down and have an honest conversation with Gabrielle Union after she was fired from America's Got Talent . The 31-year-old, Hough, also left the competition reality series at the same time as Union.

Reported first by Variety, Union was fired for complaining repeatedly to the HR department about a variety of behaviors from other people on set, including a joke from Jay Leno, who purportedly poked fun at Asian-Americans during his appearence on the show.

Moreover, Gabrielle wasn't pleased that she was continuously subject to criticism and notes regarding her hairstyles and fashion. During her appearence on Today this Thursday, Julianne urged for "conversations" and she also shouted out Gabrielle for talking about what needed to be changed.

Hough added she was "really proud of NBC" for engaging in talks with the Bad Boys alum. Following her departure from the reality competition series, Julianne and Gabrielle haven't spoken to each other. Hough claimed she did reach out to her one evening, however, they both have been "very busy."

"When I get back to Los Angeles later this afternoon, we can have a conversation," the star remarked. While everyone seemed surprised by their respective exit from the NBC-produced series, Julianne stated she wasn't surprised by the amount of attention it garnered.

Ever since the firing of Matt Lauer from Today, NBC has faced repeated setbacks. The network was also accused of engaging in a cover-up related to Matt Lauer's supposed misbehavior on the set of Today . Earlier this year, Ronan Farrow's book published allegations in which a former employee accused Matt of anally raping her during the Olympics in 2014.

For the most part, Gabrielle Union and Julianne's entertainment industry cohorts have been more than supportive of their exit, especially in the case of Gabrielle Union. Earlier this week, Terry Crews came out on Twitter and expressed his support.

However, some people on social media made the case that Terry should've been more emphatic in his support of Union because she purportedly did the same thing for him when he came out to accuse Adam Vinet of sexual misconduct in 2017.

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