Julianne Hough Claims Dancing Saved Her From Anxiety And Depression

Julianne Hough Claims Dancing Saved Her From Anxiety And Depression
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According to a report from People Magazine, Julianne Hough danced with the stars as a way of dealing with her personal struggles, specifically, her mental health. Speaking with the outlet, the 30-year-old explained that she fought against depression and anxiety using dance.

It's an unknown fact about Mrs. Hough, considering, according to her, she comes off as a "ray of sunshine" as well as "happiness and positivity." On Thursday, the star - who spoke at the Wonder Of Women Summit in LA - explained that dancing was a way of fighting against unwanted emotions.

Regarding her involvement with the #WOW summit, Julianne said she wanted nothing more than to contribute to the community and help women and girls overcome their personal demons. When she lacked confidence, the reality star admitted, she looked to dancing.

It felt like her superpower her entire life, Julianne began, and it "really transformed" her experience of life for the better. It was a way of expressing herself. According to Hough, dancing is one of those past-times which does so much for a person's confidence and self-esteem.

At the moment, she is actually working with Dr. Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist. The reality star and Suzuki are figuring out the ways in which dancing affects the brain and the mind. One thing they've been looking at is the way dancing increases good feelings.

There's no question dancing and physical exercise plays a key role in the psychological state of an average human being. According to the Mayo Clinic, physical exercise, whether it be traditional sports like baseball, soccer, or dancing, is a crucial factor in how a person feels.

For instance, as Hough explained in her interview with People, dancing inadvertently leads to an increase in endorphins, the same chemicals released during other forms of exercise such as hockey, lifting weights, or swimming.

Moreover, Hough stated she actually puts her phone away for at least one hour a day as well. It's one of those things that's incredibly challenging, but she has to do it. It's about clearing her mind and creating a space for potential creative thoughts.

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