Julianne Hough And Brooks Laich Are Officially Broken Up

Julianne Hough And Brooks Laich Are Officially Broken Up
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Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich's marriage is officially over. E! Online confirmed today that the pair announced they were parting ways today, on Friday, the 29th of May. In a joint statement released to People Magazine, Julianne and Brooks dropped the unsurprising news.

As it was previously reported, Julianne and Brooks got married during the summertime in 2017, and they've been together since 2013. Even though their romance appeared to be running very smoothly over the last few years, rumors of their relationship's collapse persisted after Julianne was spotted without her wedding band on a number of occasions.

Their situation worsened when their dogs died as well. Even though there were rumors of trouble, the couple was spotted together publicly at a few different locations, including during a brunch date as well as at a KINRGY session.

In April, fans became increasingly concerned that their relationship was coming to an end when they found out the couple wasn't social distancing together in their home. A source who spoke with E! News claimed they wanted to work things out in the comfort of their own homes before they made any final decisions regarding the future of their marriage.

An insider who spoke with E! News said in May that they were just taking some time apart from each other. Julianne, herself, described the situation as "magical." During the same month, she was also seen hanging out with Ben Barnes.

As it was said above, the news of their divorce doesn't come as much of a surprise to some of their fans, because both parties have talked about the problems in their marriage before. Brooks said during an interview once that he and Julianne wanted to have the best relationship ever, but it was hard to make that a reality.

Around that same time, Julianne also dished on her sexuality, stating that she was actually bisexual. The interview proved to be somewhat awkward because Julianne told him that he didn't even know she was bisexual; she just chose to be with him.

Brooks also talked about exploring his own sexuality, albeit, as a straight man.

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