Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reveals How Filming Veep Helped Her Through Personal Challenges

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reveals How Filming Veep Helped Her Through Personal Challenges
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus is revealing how filming her HBO show Veep helped her through several personal challenges, including her breast cancer battle .

After seven successful seasons, the actress said goodbye to Veep this past May. It has been a few months since the HBO show took its final bow and now Louis-Dreyfus is reflecting om its run.

The actress is no stranger saying farewell to hit show she starred in, Seinfeld anyone. However, leaving the role of President Selina Meyer proved to be more difficult than the 58-year-old actress expected. Louis-Dreyfus is crediting the HBO show for lifting her spirits during several incredibly difficult personal times.

"I've had a lot of personal challenges, losses, dear ones in my family, my own battle with cancer," she explained to Entertainment Tonight .

Veep gave Louis-Dreyfus an outlet she needed. She is uncertain how she could have dealt with those issues if it had not "this really close intimate relationship with all of these people."

"We linked arms, and we tried to do the most joyful funny thing possible as a team. It was like being on a sports team, and that was the most buoying thing, to constantly be coming back to. It really helped me," the actress expressed joyfully speaking about her Veep team.

The Emmy winner did not hold back when admitting the HBO show was pivotal in her dealing with her health issues. In 2017, Louis-Dreyfus was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the show helped her fight the battle for her life. She was given a direction because of Veep .

"It gave me something to laser focus on during my illness, and I needed to laser focus on something beyond my illness, so it was a lifesaver," Louis-Dreyfus shared.

Veep and the actress have earned several nominations for the 2019 Emmy Awards. It is an honor Louis-Dreyfus is holding close to her heart. She has been fiercely protective of the entire creative process of the HBO show since it began eight years ago.

The crew wrapped filming the Veep last December and endured the final airings this past spring. Now Julia Louis-Dreyfus is getting candid about how the show changed her life, especially when it came to dealing with some personal struggles.

Veep may be over, but the cast, crew, and experience will also be extremely special to Louis-Dreyfus. The is eternally grateful to have had the show during her cancer battle.

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