Juice WRLD Hits #1 On The Billboard 200 Following His Death

Juice WRLD Hits #1 On The Billboard 200 Following His Death
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Earlier this month, the hip-hop community was shocked when the news of Juice WRLD's death hit the press. It marks not one but the fourth time in the last 2 years that a rising star in the community lost their life too early, following the death of Lil Peep in 2017, XXXTentacion, Mac Miller, and then Juice WRLD.

According to a report from Billboard, Juice Wrld went from the 58th position on the Billboard Artist 100 all the way to the 21st of December, meaning he was the top musical act for two weeks in a row. As it was previously reported, he passed away at the Chicago airport on the 8th of December.

Earlier this year, Juice WRLD's name hit the top of the Artist 100 on the 23rd of March, with his second long-play record, Death Race For Love, which was the first time he secured a number one album on the Billboard chart.

As most know, the death of performers, while it is quite tragic, typically leads to a massive increase in sales as well as an appreciation for artists. Some of the other names in the industry to experience a jump in popularity are XXXTentacion, who died in June of 2018, Tom Petty from October of the previous year, as well as Prince and David Bowie in 2016.

Tremendous record sales or not, it's been a tough past two years for hip-hop and rap fans, particularly to the SoundCloud rap movement, often described as "emo-trap." The style, spearheaded by Juice WRLD, Lil' Peep, XXXTentaction, and Trippie Redd, among others, has lost several of its biggest names.

Additionally, the relationship between the opioid epidemic and the death of several of the aforementioned stars has only shined a light on the increasing severity of the problem.

The death of Mac Miller - whose musical style was different from the other aforementioned artists - however, was arguably the most reported on, due to his relationship with Ariana Grande, who is one of the biggest pop-stars in the world.

Juice WRLD was commemorated by a number of stars following his death, including Nicki Minaj, among many others.

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