Juice WRLD Bars Will Be Included On Young Thug's New Album

Juice WRLD Bars Will Be Included On Young Thug's New Album
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Juice WRLD passed away last year in December , and even though he's gone, his legend still remains. The rapper has since become recognized in the hip-hop community for not only the way he touched his massive fan base with his emotional music but also for his tremendous work ethic.

Hot New Hip Hop reported this week that Juice WRLD 's posthumous record, Legends Never Die , went on to become the best-selling posthumous album ever. Clearly, the performing artist still has a massive fanbase of loyal followers and listeners.

At the moment, no one knows whether his estate will release more of his music, but one thing is for certain, and that is that his vocals will continue to appear on other artists' recordings, including Young Thug's next project, Slime Language 2.

Reportedly, Young Thug's next album will come out on Black Friday, and over the next few days, there is no question that fans will get more information on the upcoming appearence from the artist who passed away in Chicago's International O'Hara Airport last year.

According to a report from Hot New Hip Hop, Juice WRLD will appear in the aforementioned project from Young Thug, and he'll be on the song featuring Thugger and Duke, "Think Twice."

As most know, Juice WRLD isn't the only artist to go on to tremendous fame and success after his death. Pop Smoke, as well, went on to top the Billboard charts with his posthumous release, Shoot For The Stars...Aim For The Moon , with 50 Cent as the executive producer.

Pop Smoke, however, died from a completely different cause. The rapper was murdered in an AirBnB at the start of 2020 right before the coronavirus pandemic began making its way through the United States and the subsequent lockdowns that came with it.


Juice WRLD was more famous than Pop Smoke at the time of his death, however, both artists have since been immortalized in the genre, alongside XXXTentaction .

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