Judge Stands By Decision To Appoint Special Investigator On Jussie Smollett's Case

Judge Stands By Decision To Appoint Special Investigator On Jussie Smollett's Case
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According to a report from Page Six, the judge presiding over Smollett's case is standing by the decision to bring a special prosecutor on board who will look into the charges against Mr. Smollett.

Michael Toomin, the Cook County Judge, denied the request from Jussie's team on Wednesday to have the case thrown out, moreover, the judge stated there would be no compromises.

Back in April, Judge Sheila O'Brien, a retired appellate court judge, filed the petition which ordered a probe of Kim Foxx's handling of the hate crime hoax that rocked headlines earlier this year. The controversy was stirred up when Kim, the State Attorney, dismissed all of the charges.

The 37-year-old Empire alum was accused of orchestrating a racially and sexually motivated attack against himself, as well as lying to the police in an official report and thus wasting the authorities' time as well as taxpayer dollars. O'Brien said to the Chicago Sun-Times that Wednesday was a "good day for justice."

According to O'Brien, the decision was more about Kim Foxx and whether or not she and her team did the case due diligence. Jussie's lawyers claimed on Wednesday that he wasn't being treated justly by the system.

Toomin stated in response that a re-prosecution might occur, but only if certain standards are achieved, for instance, reasonable reasons for additional charges against the actor.

At the moment, Toomin hasn't revealed who would be the special prosecutor, and no information on this has become available yet. As it was previously reported, Jussie Smollett came under serious fire in the media as well as in the general public after the Chicago Police stated he may have orchestrated the crime against himself.

Consequently, the police filed a lawsuit against the Empire star seeking payment of over $100,000 for wasting detectives' time as well as other taxpayer dollars. Following the news of the dropped charges earlier this year, the mayor of Chicago, the police superintendent and the commander, all came out and said it was the "white-washing of justice."

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