Judge Throws Out Stormy Daniels' Claim In Court Against Donald Trump's Lawyer Michael Cohen

Judge Throws Out Stormy Daniels' Claim In Court Against Donald Trump's Lawyer Michael Cohen
Credit: Source: NYPost.com

According to a report from NBC News, a federal judge in Los Angeles yesterday formally tossed out Stormy Daniels' defamation case regarding Trump's ex-attorney-at-law, Michael Cohen, who came to prominence as the president's former lawyer.

The allegation against Donald Trump was tossed out "with prejudice" meaning that the decision was final and wouldn't be decided on in a court once again. The order was established by the US District Court Judge, James Otero.

The report, obtained by NBC News, had the judge's statement within it which said of Mr. Cohen, " (he) no longer face(s) the threat of further litigation in this court or any other forum." Back in November of 2018, Stormy's lawyer had previously asked the judge to throw out the case against him.

Michael Avenatti said, "we asked that the minor defamation claim is dismissed and it was." On Monday, Otero denied Cohen's request for Stormy to pay all of her legal fees.

As it was previously reported, the court had dismissed Daniels' defamation case against Trump. It was revealed last year in a bombshell case - at least according to the mainstream media - that Stormy had slept with Donald Trump in a hotel encounter thirteen years ago in 2006 when he was still married to Melania Trump and she was also expecting a child.

Stephanie Clifford, the actress known as Stormy Daniels, still has a case against Trump, challenging the non-disclosure agreement in which she signed to stay quiet about the supposed sexual relationship.

On Tuesday, her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, explained that Daniels should be "praised" for legal action against Trump. Avenatti tweeted, "she deserves significant respect and appreciation for what she put in motion."

Whether Michael has a point about that or not, many people on social media have claimed that Stormy Daniels' claim to fame is morally questionable at best, considering she willingly agreed to be in a sexual relationship with a married man.

Putting that aside, her situation with the president turned sour when she was ordered to pay Trump's lawyer fees. Moreover, the sales of her memoir supposedly didn't meet expectations either.

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