Judge Permits Rosie Perez's Testimony In Support Of Annabella Sciorra's Claim Against Harvey Weinstein

Judge Permits Rosie Perez's Testimony In Support Of Annabella Sciorra's Claim Against Harvey Weinstein
Credit: Source: Telegraph.co.uk

It was reported yesterday that Rosie Perez was spotted heading into the Manhattan court, however, it was never revealed if Rosie would be, in fact, backing up the claims made by Harvey Weinstein's accuser, Annabella Sciorra.

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the Do The Right Thin g actress took the stand today to acknowledge what Harvey had allegedly done to Sciorra. In 1993, Perez claims Sciorra said to her, "I think I was raped." On Thursday, Sciorra took the stand as well to detail her interactions with Harvey in the winter of 1993.

Perez claims she knew something was wrong with Annabella when she called her one evening in 1993 and asked her to hang out. Perez noted that Annabella was talking very quietly as if she was hiding from another person.

"She started crying," Perez explained, while noting how Annabella expressed her feelings toward the purported sexual interaction between herself and the disgraced movie producer. Rosie claimed she tried to get Annabella to tell her, but she wouldn't reveal the man's name.

Sciorra told her not to tell anybody about it and urged her not to phone the police either. After revealing his name, Perez claims Sciorra said to her, "it's going to destroy me." On Friday afternoon, the prosecution called up another witness, Kara Young, who had worked as a model and was also friends with Sciorra in the early 1990s.

In the next few months after the supposed assault occurred, Young testified that there was something different about Sciorra. "She was different," Young explained. Young stated that Annabella was very "fidgety" and "nervous."

Sciorra reportedly began to cut herself as well, which Young noticed after looking at her thighs. Arthur Aidala, a lawyer for the accused, claimed her behavior might've been caused by her consistent use of the drug, Valium.

Aidala asked Young on the stand if being jittery, anxious, and nervous, in general, might've been a symptom of withdrawal from drugs. Followers of the case know that Harvey is currently on trial for five counts of several sex crimes. He may live the rest of his life behind bars if convicted.


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