Judge Greg Mathis Denies Spitting On Detroit Valet - Supposed Victim Claims To Have The DNA To Prove It

Judge Greg Mathis Denies Spitting On Detroit Valet - Supposed Victim Claims To Have The DNA To Prove It
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According to a report from TMZ.com, Judge Greg Mathis is publicly defending himself following the accusation that he spit on a Detroit valet while in an argument.

The outlet reported that the judge stopped by Flood's Bar and Grille in Detroit last Friday night in his Rolls Royce, however, after waiting approximately 15 minutes for the valet to return with the keys, Mathis allegedly exploded with rage in front of the people in the area.

The valet, who spoke with the police, claims the judge spit on him and then fled the scene. The man filed a police report and accused him of committing criminal assault. When speaking with TMZ, the judge denied the allegations.

Greg Mathis said to reporters from the outlet that it was actually forty minutes, moreover, he never spat on him, but there was a verbal back and forth for quite some time. "That was the extent of it," the judge added, denying any "spitting" ever took place.

Greg appeared to be quite sure of himself during his chat with TMZ, stating that there were approximately six people watching the whole thing, also, the son of the restaurant owner asked him if he wanted to do anything about it.

Mathis claims he said he just wanted to let it go, however, this sort of thing "happens all of the time." The reality star added that he doesn't know the man's motivation, whether it was notoriety or an attempt to extort money.

Page Six, on the other hand, got in touch with Karri Mitchell, the valet's lawyer and said that not only did Mathis spit in his face, but also on his t-shirt. They intend on using a DNA test to prove what the valet said in his story.

This won't be the first time a reality television star has found themselves in this sort of predicament. Previously, Dr. Phil got into an accident with a pedestrian, and after it occurred and the man walked it off and said it was ok, he later claimed to have suffered physical injuries.

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