Joshua Jackson Will Reportedly Follow Ruth Wilson And Not Return To 'The Affair'

Joshua Jackson Will Reportedly Follow Ruth Wilson And Not Return To 'The Affair'
Source: Just Jared

More changes are in the works for Showtime’s The Affair . Following Ruth Wilson’s exit, Joshua Jackson is reportedly thinking about following her lead and quitting the show as a series regular. Will Jackson leave before the show calls it a wrap?

Jackson plays the part of Cole Lockhart on The Affair and was only signed on for a couple of years. The actor extended his contract, however, because he found the story intriguing and wanted to keep developing his character.

He was expected to return for the show’s final season, but Wilson’s departure may have changed his mind.

According to Us Magazine , the writers are still in the process of creating the scripts for the final season, which will influence Jackson’s decision to stay or go. If the creative team can figure out an interesting way to end his character’s story, there is a good chance that Jackson will stay on for the final season.

But even if Jackson returns, his part will be minor now that his romantic interest is no longer a part of the show.

Wilson’s character, Alison Bailey, died at the end of last season. Her character was killed off because Wilson no longer wanted to be a part of the show . In fact, after the Season 4 finale, creator Sarah Treem revealed that Wilson’s entire storyline was filmed first, before the rest of the scenes. Treem did not reveal why Wilson decided to leave.

Wilson also has not commented on her decision to leave the hit show. When asked about her departure, Wilson said she is “not allowed to talk about” it and teased that there is a “bigger story to tell.”

Showtime has addressed Wilson’s exit and assured fans that she left because her character’s story had nowhere else to go.

Joshua Jackson and Ruth Wilson have been a part of the show since Season 1, which originally aired back in 2014.


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