Josh Duhamel Says Mark Wahlberg Is Very 'Sneaky'!

Josh Duhamel Says Mark Wahlberg Is Very 'Sneaky'!

Josh Duhamel, who is known for his role as Lt. Colonel William Lenox in the Transformers Franchise, revealed something special about his costar Mark Wahlberg. Dumahel, 44-years-old, opened up as to why Mark Wahlberg is a "sneaky" man on set!

“We’re doing this big scene where we’re all about to jump for our lives from this thing, and we’re strapped tandem-style with parachutes. Mark is attached to Laura Haddock — his love interest in the movie — and then there’s me and Santiago Cabrera attached to each other, and I’m tandem-ing him down because he’s injured,” the actor explains.

“Wahlberg comes up just before we start — before Michael Bay says, ‘Action’ — he goes, ‘Hey, are you guys tandem-ing together?’ I go, ‘Yeah.’ He goes, ‘Oh, so it’s like a love story.’ I was like, ‘Son of a bitch. You get the girl [and] you’re making fun of me and Santiago over here because we’re tandem-ing.’"

The action star said, "He's sneaky, Wahlberg."

Duhamel recently revealed to US Weekly he likes to spend a lot of his time outdoors on his days off. "It lifts your soul." The actor said.

Josh went on to explain there is something spiritual about going out deep into nature. It does something for his spirit that he thinks is essential for a person's wellbeing.

The Daytime Emmy Award winner is married to Black Eyed Peas singer, Fergie. The celebrity duo has been together for almost 13 years and recently spent some time on the beach to celebrate their 8th anniversary since their wedding in 2009.

Earlier in their relationship, it was alleged Duhamel had cheated on Fergie with an exotic dancer, and the couple had to seek relationship counseling to deal with their troubles. According to Josh, after they dealt with their issues, the couple has become stronger than ever.


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