Josh Duggar Begs An Arkansas Court To Overturn Their Decision In His Privacy Violation Lawsuit

Josh Duggar Begs An Arkansas Court To Overturn Their Decision In His Privacy Violation Lawsuit
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Even though an Arkansas court threw out his privacy lawsuit months ago, former 19 Kids & Counting star Josh Duggar refuses to back down and has filed an appeal. The 30-year-old believes that officials in both Springdale and Washington counties in Arkansas illegally released documents that showed he molested five female minors when he was a teenager, and Duggar can’t be convinced otherwise.

On November 30, 2018, the Arkansas Court of Appeals dismissed Duggar’s case with prejudice - meaning that it should be over and done with forever - after he didn’t respond to the city’s motion for judgment on the pleadings in a timely manner.

Duggar immediately filed a motion to vacate the judgment, but the court did not grant or deny the motion within thirty days, as is required by law. So now, Duggar has officially filed his appeal, and made it clear that it is “not taken for purposes of delay.”

The oldest Duggar child believes that it is Springdale and Washington Counties’ fault that the world found out about his sexual molestation scandal, which led to TLC canceling his family’s reality show. He also believes that they didn’t have the right to release documents from incidents that happened when he was a minor.

Duggar is claiming “emotional distress,” and wants someone to pay for his epic fall from grace.

Since the 2015 scandal, Duggar has laid relatively low and avoided the public eye. He hasn’t appeared on his siblings’ spinoff Counting On , and TLC has gone so far as to remove him from scenes that take place at big family events.

But, Josh’s wife Anna recently shared an Instagram story that had fans wondering if Josh and his family are going to appear on Counting On this season. Anna shared pics and video clips from a family scavenger hunt that involved some of her and Josh’s kids and a few of his younger siblings.

Josh called out the clues while the kids attempted to find the items. And, in one picture of the family activity, it looked like there was a cameraman at the edge of the frame.

Could Josh and his family actually be filming for Counting On ? It’s definitely possible. But, even if the cameras were there, it doesn’t mean they can’t edit Josh out.

You can find out if Josh Duggar is making a reality show comeback by watching new episodes of Counting On, which air Monday nights on TLC.


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