Joseph Baena Twins With Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger In New Body Building Photos

Joseph Baena Twins With Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger In New Body Building Photos
Credit: Source: Joseph Baena/Instagram

Arnold Schwarzenegger made headline news in 2011 when it was discovered he and Maria Shriver were splitting up due to his extramarital affair. Things took an interesting twist when it was revealed that Maria Shriver and the family's housekeeper Mildred 'Patty' Baena gave birth to Arnold's sons only five days apart. Christopher Schwarzenegger was born on September 27, 1997, and Joseph Baena was born on October 2, 1997. Though it would seem this would make Joseph and Christopher have an unshakeable bond, the tension between the adults may have affected the siblings' relationship. It's always hard to deal with situations like Arnold, Maria, and Mildred found themselves in, but it's also important to remember that Josepha Baena was an innocent child in all of it.

Though there may be tension between Joseph and his siblings, he's grown into a man that his father is proud of. Some men reject their children when they are born because of extramarital affairs, but Arnold didn't reject Joseph. Now, at 23-years-old, Joesph is twinning with his famous father and has followed in his footsteps by bodybuilding.

Joseph shared some of his latest pictures on Instagram and the Internet is freaking out due to similarities the father and son share. Now, some are calling for Joseph to star in remakes of his father's films, such as Conan the Barbarian !

Joseph already filmed a scene from Terminator 2 where he played his father's role. You may see that video below.

Joseph is sharing plenty of photos and videos from his bodybuilding journey on social media and fans were thrilled to see Arnold in the gym with his son guiding him along. Not only does Joseph resemble his father in his face, but his body structure is exactly like his famous dad's. You may see a report that includes photos featuring Joseph Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger below.

What do you think about the resemblance between Joseph Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger? Would you like to see Joseph remakes some of his father's movies?

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