Joseph Baena Admits Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivated His Fitness Journey

Joseph Baena Admits Dad Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivated His Fitness Journey
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Joseph Baena has admitted his dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger motivated his fitness journey. The 22-year-old son of the former California governor is following in his famous father's footsteps.

"My father's a huge inspiration to me. Of course. Him, his friends, many, many other fellow gym mates," Baena shared with Us Weekly at the GO Campaign 13th Annual GO Gala earlier this month.

Baena, who is a bodybuilder like his pops, also revealed the advice Schwarzenegger gave him when it comes to fitness. Ironically the lesson also applies to life in general.

"To push it all the way and more weight. Push it more. I would say, you can always do more than you think you can," he shared.

Although he is all about fitness and building a healthy body, Baena isn't sure he wants to do bodybuilding competitively. Schwarzenegger was once a professional bodybuilder.

"We'll see. Competition would be great. I'm training to build my body to look like what I feel is ideal. I'm never really satisfied with how I look. Constantly working on the body, working on your personality, the mind, everything is beneficial to you. I always want to better myself, so I think bodybuilding is a great way for me, personally, to better my physical health," the Pepperdine graduate admitted.

It was important to Schwarzenegger that his son finish college before Baena decided to attempt to become a professional bodybuilder. Now that he graduated, the actor is all for his son starting to enroll in bodybuilding competitions. If that is what Baena wants.

Joseph Baena is the youngest child of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The young man is the result of an affair the actor had with the family housekeeper, Mildred Baena. He was born days after his half-brother, Christopher Schwarzenegger. Christopher is the youngest child of Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, whom he was married to when he had an affair with Baena's mom.

Although Schwarzenegger didn't know Baena was his love child until the boy was in his teen, the two have grown close. Baena often posts about his famous dad on social media, even giving the actor a shootout on his last birthday.

The apple does not fall from the tree when it comes to Joseph Baena and his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It turns out his son might just end up becoming a bodybuilder like his dad. Whether or not Baena competes or not, the two will always have fitness in common.


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