Joseline Hernandez Stuns With Fiery Red Hair But Stevie J's Baby Mama Angers Some By Doing This In New Video

Joseline Hernandez Stuns With Fiery Red Hair But Stevie J's Baby Mama Angers Some By Doing This In New Video
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Joseline Hernandez recently made it clear that she knows how to make a solid impression without putting a lot of effort into her appearance.

In fact, she decided to go with a more natural look for a recent social media post and drew a lot of attention from her millions of followers, many of whom praised her for not overdoing her appearance and knowing how to focus on her best features.

And it certainly does seem like she is very familiar with what it takes to bring out the best in her face, as she is shown in the recent post.

Some fans also pointed out that Hernandez looked great with the bright red hair and was taking good care of her own body, as indicated by the fact that the video was taken in a spa.

She captioned the sexy clip: "@boombod is over here keeping things righttttt 🙌 You know I gotta be looking damn good for all these holiday parties coming up, and these shots get me there every time🔥 Any of y’all love a deal? ‘Cause they got em - 60% off this Cyber Monday Motivation bundle 👀 Get your box and do your shots ladies!!!"

One fan had this reaction: "Not use to seeing the red hair. Luv it 💗."

A critic is angry with what she is selling and stated: "You have had all those surgeries for your body to look like that .... that sh*t you're drinking didn't do that...Yal keep advertising this mess."

This backer revealed: "That red hair too 🔥🔥🔥🔥."

Some have added that this is probably a major point in the fact that she has retained her looks so successfully, as she knows when and where to give her body the right treatment that it needs.

Hernandez seems to be moving on with her life quite well recently, and she has been very open about it on social media as well.

Some fans were briefly worried about the star after she toned down her posts on Instagram for a while, but it seems like she was just using the opportunity to improve her life in various ways behind the scenes.

And so far, it seems to have done a great job, judging by how refreshed she looked in her more recent posts.

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