Joseline Hernandez Shows Off Bonnie Bella's New Hairstyle In Sweet Video -- Some 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Fans Slammed Stevie J's Baby Mama

Joseline Hernandez Shows Off Bonnie Bella's New Hairstyle In Sweet Video -- Some 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Fans Slammed Stevie J's Baby Mama
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Diva Joseline Hernandez was delighted to show off Bonnie Bella's new adorable African princess hairstyle but a few Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fans decided to bombard her with mean comments.

Stevie J's baby mama cannot catch a break when she leaves Bonnie Bella's pretty curls loose -- she is slammed -- and when she braids the child's hair, she still gets nasty insults.

Over the weekend, the reality TV star and fitness expert posted the sweetest video where her two-year-old is sitting calmly like an adult as a hairstylist works her magic.

Joseline happily captioned the video of her daughter's new look: "Issa new look for the African princess Bella! 👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽👸🏽"

Many applauded Bonnie Bella's new look and said her dress and shoes were adorable. However, a few critics stepped out to bash the mother/daughter duo.

One person said: "She is so cute but u dead wrong for this hairstyle you could've found a way cuter hairstyle than that my 9-year-old daughter could've done that is🤷The shoe kinds of throw it off maybe if it didn’t have the tan straps a solid color it would of work. Like I mention she’s a cute little girl. Just don’t like the straps. That’s just me."

A defender chimed in with this response: "She is so adorable. It’s amazing how she just sits there an do her hair some other child would be screaming. Do some people just wake up mean, planning to be nasty? This little Princess is beautiful no matter who thinks otherwise.❤️💞❤️💃💃"

This fan praised Bonnie Bella for being such a well-behaved child by saying: "She’s such a cute little girl! And the fact that she can sit still, smile, & not be afraid of getting her hair comb makes her even more pleasant🧡🧡Beautiful little girl. Everyone doesn’t have the gift of combing hair. It looks neat, and it’s a little girl’s hairstyle. Plus her mommy did it that’s all that matters. That was their bonding time. Sheesh......"

Another follower was impressed by the fact that Bella is already bilingual (English and Spanish) just like her mother.

The supporter said: "I am so amazed at how Bella is such a good lil princess. I hope I'm not overstepping by asking if Bella knows two language? A genius of you to teach her two languages. You gave the kids so much joy and confidence..that's so amazing ❤ it's more than the hairstyle its the looks on the babies faces."

Joseline will probably keep on doing her own thing.

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