Joseline Hernandez Looks Hurt, Sad, And Is Missing Bonnie Bella In New Video As She Slams Stevie J For Getting Custody Of Their Daughter -- Producer Is Busy Enjoying Life With The Child

Joseline Hernandez Looks Hurt, Sad, And Is Missing Bonnie Bella In New Video As She Slams Stevie J For Getting Custody Of Their Daughter -- Producer Is Busy Enjoying Life With The Child
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Mama Joseline Hernandez is missing her daughter, Bonnie Bella, and it is starting to show. The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, who lost custody of Bonnie Bella to her baby daddy, Stevie J, recently took to social media and she posted a video where she looked, sad, hurt, and stressed out by the absence of her little girl.

Fans are showering DJ Ballistic's girlfriend with love.

One of them said: "She misses her baby girl. I can see it in her eyes. A mother knows! Praying for you."

Another commenter stated: "I see stress in your face, my love, I know you miss Bella. I hope you understand that Bella needs both parents and that Stevie has a right to see her also. Pray that the Lord removes your bitterness, and hopefully you get to a point where you can co-parent."

This backer explained: "You are a beautiful woman Joseline, but the hurt in your eyes are showing. Give it to God. Keep being a great mom to your baby girl. Peace and Blessings❤."

This supporter shared: "The eyes r telling ur story about u missing ur little girl, they show that u have had some sadness in your life, even when u smile, it still shows. Its gonna be alright if u just go with the flow, she needs her Dad too,& we've seen Stevie with his kids, he seems like a good dad. Just relax, listen to that gospel record, I'm GONNA BE ALRIGHT. Great for when u think that there's no happiness in our life,& to get u through troubled times. Stay strong!! God's there. God bless🙏❤️😁"

Joseline's court battle with Stevie J is marching on, and she is determined to regain custody over her daughter and has been taking every opportunity to plead with the authorities for that.

However, her chances are not looking very good at the moment, according to reports, because she had violated an earlier custody agreement, leading to the issuing of an arrest warrant for her.

This came to light after Stevie J earlier accused the Puerto Rican Princess of refusing to allow him to see their daughter at a time that was specifically ordered by the court.

Stevie J immediately alerted the authorities, and the judge agreed with him, issuing an arrest warrant for Joseline, and removing Bonnie Bella from her.

However, Joseline seems to have a different version of the story. She has recently submitted new paperwork to the court, claiming that both Stevie J, as well as the court, were well aware that she was working in California at the time of the incident, and it was physically impossible for her to comply with the custody agreement at that point.

She then goes on to accuse the judge of issuing an arrest warrant despite knowing this for a fact.

She has also denied the allegations brought up by Stevie J and claimed that she needs to have full custody of her daughter.

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  • Sabrina McNeal
    Sabrina McNeal Nov 7, 2019 11:39 AM PST

    I take it back; you told Toya Harris being a full time mom isn't a job but it is so now reality is look what fame has gotten you duh without Bonnie

  • Helen Thompson
    Helen Thompson Nov 7, 2019 7:56 AM PST

    Well that's what happens when you jump from man to man trying to find love instead of giving that love to your daughter. You don't need a man to define who you are. And moving in stray men around your daughter. And tell the world your in love with a man your. Only known for a couple months. Desperate move. I don't blame the court I would give Stevie full custody too. Congrats Stevie j and faith.

  • Shantell
    Shantell Aug 16, 2019 2:08 AM PDT

    I agree with Pat- this is all Joseline's fault. Shes had more opportunities to create an equitable parental agreement that would've benefited all involved, most especially Bella, but NO....she wants to be a basic as bitter baby Momma. Even in the photo caption under the baby's picture she says she's all hers and that no one was there for either of them during her pregnancy, which is ALL fodder for Stevie's legal team to eat her up in court with. As a woman and mother, I am so glad that judges are now holding more of the Joselines of the world to account for Parental Alienation. It's a 2 way street ladies! Dont like it? Dont get knocked up. Simple.

  • Sabrina McNeal
    Sabrina McNeal Aug 15, 2019 10:47 PM PDT

    Really being a good dad doesn't make up for his time we as people with children knows how to love our kids but spending our time is as important too I guess once the show wrapped up thats when he had time for lil princess......boy bye. You're a joke and thirsty for attention

  • Pat
    Pat Aug 15, 2019 2:52 AM PDT

    I feel sorry for Joseline, but she should be blaming herself. She kept the child away from her dad, ignored the court order for two years (and Stevie allowed it), constantly bashed Stevie online, posted many pictures of her child looking sullen and scared while with her own mother, posted pics that led to concerns about Bonnie’s safety and well-being, publicly denounced Stevie’s fatherhood, told obvious, public lies about certain things, and posted pictures “unbecoming of a mother”who should have known that her behavior was inviting Stevie to seek custody. On top of that, her history includes crazy behavior like, admittedly, making a false report to CPS that Stevie was molesting one of his own children. As a legal professional, IMO, this is a dream case for Stevie’s lawyer.

  • Yobinezmibinez
    Yobinezmibinez Aug 14, 2019 6:00 PM PDT

    Hopefully, she's using this time to figure out a co-parenting plan or...

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