Joseline Hernandez Leaves Fans Feeling Uncomfortable After She Did This For Boyfriend DJ Ballistic In This Video

Joseline Hernandez Leaves Fans Feeling Uncomfortable After She Did This For Boyfriend DJ Ballistic In This Video
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It seems that Joseline Hernandez has been on fire over the course of the past few months, as the Puerto Rican Princess's current ongoing projects involve her participation in not one but three television shows: Love and Hip Hop: Miami , Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition , and Joseline's Cabaret , in which she is the main star.

In addition to starring in Joseline's Cabaret , Hernandez also serves as the creator of new content and producer.

However, it appears that the reality television star still has not reached her limit, because she recently brought the news that she will be a part of a documentary movie, which will tell the story of her life.

Joseline made the big announcement via Instagram as she shared a new snap, which showed a couple of notes she had written while figuring out what to include in the upcoming documentary.

For the time being, it is known that the new special will reportedly revolve around Hernandez's life in the period between 2012-2019, and will concentrate on the numerous hardships she had to endure, as well as the positive moments.

Allegedly, the documentary will focus on matters like "Exploitation, Manipulation.Alcohol.Drugs, baby daddy, and MONA SCOTT."

Hernandez's feud with Mona Scott has made headlines on multiple occasions in the past, and according to the Puerto Rican Princess, Scott has stolen ideas and creative content from her more than once.

She also made headlines for kissing boyfriend DJ Ballistic's feet after feeding another man fruits on Marriage Bootcamp .

She asked her man: "Why you mad?" He responded by: "What you mean, why I'm mad? Get the f**k inside, man. Get the f**k over. Party the f**k over, man."

He added: "I told you, treat me like a king! Don't disrespect me!"

Joseline apologized by saying: "I'm sorry, I should have never fed the fruit to the guy. I'm sorry, my apologies."

Then, she dropped to the floor to kiss his feet, and he told her: "You don't gotta do that. Get up, babe. Come on, and you don't have to do that."

Besides, Hernandez recently appeared on The Wendy Williams Show , where she claimed that Scott has never created anything and was merely a talent scout.

Can she build her own empire?


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