Joseline Hernandez Lands New Reality Show, Stevie J's Ex Celebrates In New Video By Flaunting The Massive Check She Received With Her Special Man

Joseline Hernandez Lands New Reality Show, Stevie J's Ex Celebrates In New Video By Flaunting The Massive Check She Received With Her Special Man
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Joseline Hernandez has been a bit quiet about her career lately, leading some of her fans to worry that she might be thinking of ramping things down.

That is not quite the case, though, and it looks like the "Puerto Rican Princess" was just taking a short break before resuming her hard work.

Stevie J's baby mama revealed that she is now going to join Zeus, for a new program that is not yet officially titled.

The network seems to be doing quite well in terms of celebrity-themed shows lately, and this reality TV series is very likely to be their next big hit if everything goes through smoothly.

Lemuel Plummer, Zeus President/CEO, has already confirmed that they will be working with Joseline, while also noting that Blac Chyna was coming to them as well.

The president also pointed out that along with the former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, various other celebrities can be expected to appear on the network, and it looks like Zeus has a pretty strong lineup prepared for the next months.

However, it is still not known what exactly Hernandez will be doing with her new show, and what her exact role might be.

There have been speculations that it is going to be a typical reality gig, while others seem convinced that the star is planning something much more dramatic and spectacular.

Whatever it is, it is clear that Hernandez has a large following ready to check out her latest work, so it will be interesting to see what she has been up to.

It is not like she has any shortage of followers right now, and she is still in a perfectly good state to keep her grind up.

Joseline shared a photo of her massive check and explained: "So is finally done! After two years of pain, loss, work, and tears!!!!! (A very Special Man always believed in me, and for that, I’m very thankful and very sensitive about him) @lemuelplummer JUST HANDED ME MY FIRST CHECK FROM @thezeusnetwork
My heart cries
#Joselinescabaret will be an experience."

One fan said: "@joseline I’m so Proud of you, Ma!!!!!!! You brought your vision to Life!!!! You deserve all the Blessings, Love, and support!!!! I’m here for you and will NOT let ANYTHING get in the way!!! LETS GOOOOOOO!!!!!!! 🎥🎥 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆"

Another commenter told Bonnie Bella's mother: "Someone’s it’s not how you act; it’s who you are with who influenced your emotional actions. I see a big change, you’ve grown so much for yourself, Bonnie Bella & for your spouse. You truly are the saddest punta there is because it’s nowhere you came from. It’s who you become & I can speak for most when I say we love the woman you’ve become babe .. kisses xoxoxo."

This is a nice comeback.

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