Joseline Hernandez Is Winning The Internet Thanks To This Cute Video Of Stevie J's Daughter Bonnie Bella Speaking Spanish

Joseline Hernandez Is Winning The Internet Thanks To This Cute Video Of Stevie J's Daughter Bonnie Bella Speaking Spanish
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Wow, Joseline Hernandez is finally getting praises even from her haters. Stevie J's former girlfriend took to Instagram, and she posted a sweet video where her daughter, Bonnie Bella, is speaking Spanish.

In the clip, Bonnie Bella, who is two years old, confirms that she is bilingual by revealing her name and age in Spanish.

The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star also asked her baby girl to blow some kisses at the camera in Spanish, and she did just that.

Joseline, who lives for drama and controversies, is being showered with congratulatory messages from supporters and naysayers for being a great mother and for raising a smart and beautiful little girl.

One fan told the femcee: "Joseline looks gorgeous, and Bonnie is muy bonita. That baby kiss was so beautiful this is the time I absolutely love you. You feel so different when she's in your arms. So cute! I plan to teach my babies Spanish as well."

Another commenter shared: "She starting to look more like her mom and less like Stevie j tbh. First of all, she’s two and speaking two different languages. Also, she’s not here to impress you. She is going to be a hustle and breaking hearts just like her mother yo? if someone wanted to learn their native language or any language of the African Culture they can. It has nothing to do with it being taken away. And that goes for any culture. We live in America where people have tried to Americanize all cultures. You want to keep the culture alive you have to do it yourself. I go to Kenya 10 days out of every summer now, and I’m learning the Kiswahili and Kikuyu language as well!"

This supporter revealed: "Most precious moment ever. She is so cute omg and brilliant and bilingual, and that’s amazing! Thank God Josline genes take over lol she is too cute tho. That's a good mom making sure she knows two languages! I can teach you Luganda too it’s one of the Bantu languages in Africa."

A fourth follower wrote: "Yes keep that Spanish on her school will teach her English let the Spanish be thought at home good job @joselinethey literally call her the Puerto Rican princess & I deadass be forgetting she’s Puerto rican.yes of course gotta know that Motherland roots but I have no kids, but I definitely try tell people that us Puerto Rican’s come from African Roots."

Bonnie brings out the very best out of her mom.

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  • Jewel
    Jewel Nov 13, 2018 3:51 AM PST

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