Joseline Hernandez Is Slammed For Inappropriately Dressing Bonnie Bella For Gymnastics Class In New Video: Critics Say Stevie J Should Come To Get His Daughter

Joseline Hernandez Is Slammed For Inappropriately Dressing Bonnie Bella For Gymnastics Class In New Video: Critics Say Stevie J Should Come To Get His Daughter
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Is Joseline Hernandez confused? That is the question many of her fans and critics are asking after she shared a new video of her daughter, Bonnie Bella.

According to the former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star and Stevie J's baby mama, Bonnie Bella had a gymnastics class, and she decided to put her in a lovely dress -- that looked like it was better suited for church or an Easter event.

Many are going after Joseline for inappropriately dressing the little girl. However, some fans -- especially mothers have stepped in to show support and say children sometimes pick their own clothes and the result is not always perfect.

One critic wrote: "The same reason her pretty little self was wearing an Easter dress for “ballet lessons.” Mom is confused. Please come get your child Stevie from this lady she doesn't know how to be a mother she's better off with yall. Not in a Sunday dress where do you see a child and a Sunday of Easter dress doing gymnastics I'm 67 years old I have never seen it in life."

This fan had this say on the matter: "Come all y'all be easy on her she been through a lot cuz she's really trying to be the best mother she can be least she doesn't have her out her naked she looks clean her hair done no matter what she put on long she's clean weather is a dress skirt pants shorts. It doesn't matter as long as your child clean and looks good. I can see if all of you had something to say if she looks like she wasn't happy abuse not in a good environment. I see her cooking good food working out trying to live and take her baby so all you haters stop hating on her she's trying the baby don't have anything to do with the dresses that she wears. her mom thinks it's nice she didn't have all of that going up so she's doing the best that she could do with her baby good luck with your baby she is beautiful."

This supporter wrote: "While all this fussing about what she is wearing going on, BonnieB was having the time of her life. Who cares that she got on a dress. Sooooooooooooooo!!!!! But really why do you care. If you have kids then you know sometimes kids want what they want, want to wear what they want & sometimes it's easier to allow them that creative freedom to learn that. But who the hell are you? Folks kill me having little stank/condescending remarks on someone's positive vibes!! Do you think that @joseline doesn't know that a leotard is needed for gymnastics for her damn daughter⁉️ SHUT UP"

What are your thoughts on the dress?

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  • Buxom kitten
    Buxom kitten Mar 6, 2019 6:07 AM PST

    I think as long as bonnie had shorts on underneath her pretty dress its fine . She is 2 yrs old. Let her have fun. It looks non traditional but josie is a non- traditional type of mom. I say let her be her and let the baby enjoy being a kid in a dress at gymnastics class. She stands out just like her mama.

  • Chidiva
    Chidiva Mar 6, 2019 1:20 AM PST

    Painful sometimes to look at her posts. I'm a mom of 3 boys and I picked out their clothes never had a problem or fussing bout them wanting to pick themselves. I know she a kid but a dress at gymnastics people c'mon. Stevie just as much at fault unless Joseline being a b about him getting her who knows. It just seem like Joseline don't know what to really know what to do with this baby and it shows. She trying so hard to stay relevant it's a lil sad. No shade legitimately seems like she struggling with her. Side note tho DO SHE GOTTA WEAR THAT OVER SIZED NECKLACE ALL THE TIME ? Why it's not fitted to her, every damn picture its weird. I do wish her the best wish I could help. What happened to her family after the birth?

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