Joseline Hernandez Is Back On Love And Hip Hop But Still Dissing Mona Scott: 'She's A Talent Scout I'm An Owner'

Joseline Hernandez Is Back On Love And Hip Hop But Still Dissing Mona Scott: 'She's A Talent Scout I'm An Owner'
Credit: Source: BET

With the case of Mona Scott Young versus Joseline Hernandez, the producer may be letting bygones be bygones but the reality star is adamant about being better than the woman who essentially made her famous. During a visit to the Wendy Williams show, Joseline dished on everything from her relationship with Mona to her new show.

Wendy did not hold back while having the mother of one sit on her couch. She got Joseline to reveal that she and her new man do want more kids and that her relationship with Stevie J and Faith Evans has progressed to the point of them being able to FaceTime every day.

Joseline quit the Love and Hip Hop series in 2017 after blowing up on co-stars and producers and blasted Mona online after. Well, the Puerto Rican Princess is back on the VH1 series Miami installment but not without shading the ep.

Williams asked her about how it her relationship was with Mona who had nothing but good things to say about Hernandez when she visited the show weeks prior -- but it wasn't the same for Joseline who said that Scott needed to get a visit from human resources.

'I’ve come from the streets. I’ve raised myself since I was 14-years-old. What I have, she could never get. She’s a talent scout. I’m an owner. When you own something like Joseline’s Cabaret, and when you go talent searching, it’s two different things. See, there’s always going to be that wall where I’m going to bypass her…and that’s what she never liked.'

She went on to reveal that the trouble started when she produced her delivery special for the birth of Bonnie Bella.

Wendy also noted that the public knew Joseline Hernandez before there even was a Cardi B and asked her how she feels about the situation that seems like it should have been hers.

'With the cabaret, I’m the creator, I’m the producer and the owner… I think that it’s been a lot of girls that came and went and that are still here. So I feel like when you put your passion towards something that you really want, is what you’re gonna get. So for me, doing ‘Joseline’s Cabaret’ is everything I want and more.'

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