Joseline Hernandez Gets Slammed For Raunchy Dance Video With Bonnie Bella -- 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Fans Say Stevie J's Baby Mama Went Too Far

Joseline Hernandez Gets Slammed For Raunchy Dance Video With Bonnie Bella -- 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Fans Say Stevie J's Baby Mama Went Too Far
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Mommy-shaming is a national sport, and Joseline Hernandez is the latest woman getting it.

Over the weekend, both Toya Wright and reality star Kylie Jenner were bashed for taking too many pictures on social media and not focusing on their newborn baby girls.

For Stevie J's baby mama, it is the opposite; she is getting attacked for spending time with little Bonnie Bella.

The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star shared a video where she is in a dance studio with her child.

The fitness addict delivered a few moves that many deemed raunchy as she played with Bonnie.

She captioned the clip: "Gm Mommas! We have to keep going daily! I know. We have to push! I know. I’m here to tell you is possible. @ri28challenge will allow you to do that from your home #nogymneeded and for those who can go to the gym and take your kid is the best feeling ever!! Don’t let anyone stop you now or ever. People will try. They will do everything in their power not to help you be great!!! But I will help you be great!!
March challenge is open now! We close challenge every seven days!! You are still early in the game to be your greatest!!!! Thousands of people are members now and have lost hundreds of pounds."

A supporter said she was just having some fun and should be left alone.

The fan stated: "You are such a good mommy! This was nice! Reminds me of my mom, growing up!! Her body is amazing. PLEASE stop talking negatively about people children. When will y'all learn that it's only bad karma on yourself! Karma always comes back ten fold so. I would be careful what you say about other people, especially children. Pretty sure half Y'all kids, not well-taking care always worrying about the next parent and how they are taking care of THEY kids."

Another commenter said to call Stevie and added: "Get your baby Stevie. She’s training her early.What kind of freak is this? Play with your baby then exercise or exercise than play with your baby. What are you insinuating with all the gyrations? Why is dance like a Thot with your kid ok?"

A third follower explained: "I'll have a problem with everything. She's dancing with her daughter. At least she actually with her spending quality time. Y'all wouldn't know nothing about that because yo baby getting dropped off at grandma house every other day so you can pop your spoiled cat at the club Some of you guys need to grow up. How do you think Bonnie got here lol...Joseline is obviously messing about."

What are your thoughts on what Joseline did?

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  • Deborah
    Deborah Feb 27, 2018 9:41 AM PST

    First, why are you still checking her out. She has moved on. Remember the car you got for her was leased and returned because you failed to make payments. The rumor was out that Kris Jenner paid for it. Leave the girl alone and move on. If you've her let her be. Without her you have no spotlight so you are similar to your Ex doing whatever to remain in the public eye, regardless if the attention is good or bad.

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