Joseline Hernandez Gets Mom-Shamed Over Bonnie Bella Christmas Pictures Next To Barely-Clothed Women -- What Will Stevie J Think?

Joseline Hernandez Gets Mom-Shamed Over Bonnie Bella Christmas Pictures Next To Barely-Clothed Women -- What Will Stevie J Think?
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A proud Joseline Hernandez shared a few sweet Christmas portraits of her daughter, Bonnie Bella, who will be celebrating her second birthday, and she is getting dragged for a long list of reasons.

In the photos, Stevie J's daughter is wearing a colorful dress and large bows in her hair as she stands next to a Christmas tree and toys.

The Puerto Rican Princess also wrote a sweet note for her baby girl.

Joseline has millions of critics, and they were quick to gang up on her for posting photos of half-naked women including herself next to Bonnie.

The reality TV star and femcee was also dragged for the child's hair and the fact that the dress, socks, and shoes did not match.

One person said: "O my gosh Joseline she is the cutest baby on earth that I have ever seen. Oh, and one more thing, give Ms. Bella her own IG page. It doesn't look right with her pics next to the pics with women on all fours showing their butt crack. Bella is a princess. I can’t believe people are really sitting here talking about this baby ain’t nothing wrong with her outfit she looks DIFFERENT why do all the kids have to dress the same she looks so cute on this picture with her little missing teeth."

Another commenter stated: "That her momma bull shit she doesn’t know to dress a girl, but she is taking pictures with her ass hanging out half ass necked. She got on grey socks pink shoes n don't mind of it match I mean yes let a child dress themselves when its an average day but for Xmas pics, the parents should dress them n, in this case, someone should help Joseline too bc this is a shame."

This mom said to let Bonnie and her mother be.

The lady explained: "From a mother of a grown and teenage daughter, you have to be nice when you're talking about people's babies. She has dressed appropriately, and she's a pretty baby. It's ok the give loving suggestions. I gladly accepted those when I was a new mother. The loving suggestion I would give is that her bows could be small so we can see her beautiful hair. She's a beauty so let her beauty shine through, not the accessories. She doesn't need anything helping her. She's the"

A fourth follower added: "I'm confused on how you all that's talking stupid think Joseline is supposed to dress her daughter. She dresses Bonnie like a kid. You grown ass women should worry about how yall send your kids to school cause they don't be looking nowhere near as good as this one."

Joseline probably enjoys some of this controversy.

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  • Noneofyabiz
    Noneofyabiz Dec 22, 2018 7:28 PM PST

    All yall attacking her regarding her child and/or IG page are so hypocritical, foolish, ignorant, bored with your life and straight up evil. There's nothing wrong with this picture. This baby hair bows are fine. Grown women wear a big bow on their hair or outfit & you get your life yet a child wear a big bow in their hair and they attack the child and mother. Then talk about the baby hair shaming her natural hair because you as black women have been taught by your oppressors your natural hair is not acceptable in America's place of business or because you've gotten so many relaxers trying to look white to be accepted and went ball headed now wearing wigs so they hating on this baby.

  • Youlonda
    Youlonda Dec 22, 2018 6:25 PM PST

    Stevie isn't in Bonnie life. Who cares what he thinks.

  • Danielle
    Danielle Dec 22, 2018 5:50 AM PST

    Damn let a kid be a kid

  • Marisol Davis
    Marisol Davis Dec 22, 2018 5:31 AM PST

    Bonnie Bella is a beautiful child. Leave her alone. She's a child and she's dressed fine

  • Tanya Burton
    Tanya Burton Dec 22, 2018 12:22 AM PST

    Joseline you should be ashamed yourself letting that baby look a hot mess in them dang clothes for any picture unless its for play dress up or a costume party or something that's logical. You seem for some reason think that you are all that so why would you let that beautiful baby look a mess, you can afford better for her.

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