Joseline Hernandez Angers Fans For This Shocking Scene In Her New Reality Show, 'Joseline's Cabaret' -- Stevie J's Baby Mama Also Has Some Surprises For Her 'Love & Hip Hop' Return

Joseline Hernandez Angers Fans For This Shocking Scene In Her New Reality Show, 'Joseline's Cabaret' -- Stevie J's Baby Mama Also Has Some Surprises For Her 'Love & Hip Hop' Return
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Zeus Network has released the first full trailer of Joseline's Cabaret , starring Joseline Hernandez, and it is controversial.

Stevie J's baby mama said in the clip: "It's been three years since I left Love & Hip Hop. And everybody knows, it ain't no Love & Hip Hop without the Puerto Rican Princess."

She added: "Now, I'm back with the cabaret, and my b*tches are bad. We 'bout to get ready to take over Miami once again. The baddest b*tch is back, and I'm here to stay."

The show will follow Joseline as she goes into strip clubs and mentors exotic dancers, and she fights with some of them, and fans are bashing her that.

One person said: "I think this is her call to fame & she’s going to kill it. It was waiting for her to arrive! This is why we need @joseline on our tv screens again! She brings the entertainment factor."

Another commenter shared: "All those girls jumped joseline in the dressing room and ducked her up bad in Miami like two weeks ago the video all over the place 😢Joseline got dem hands baybay when these girls gonna learn. Now, I’m TUNING IN‼️ @joseline, A lot Of Ppl DONT, Know What A Dancer Goes Through .. I respect & commend u for this 🤞🏼 Dale Nena Dale Realidas!!!"

This social media user called her out: "How you are trying to mentor these girls than you are talking down on them and putting your hands on them, that's wack, but of course, you had to come back to get a check for something."

A fourth follower added: "Your absolutely right I blame both and theirs no way I'm asking you to mentor me and soon as I want to voice my opinion or say something you don't like it's never words spoken, she said she change d, and that's great, but you can't be putting your hands on the young girls their there for a reason. I won't watch it. I wish them, girls, the best."

Fans of Joseline may also be glad to find out that the Puerto Rican Princess will be returning to the small screen very soon as reportedly she will be one of the reality stars in the third season of the television show Love & Hip Hop: Miami .

The 33-year-old media personality is mostly known for her previous work as a major star in Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta until she departed from the show in 2017.

Besides that, she also appeared in the spinoff production, Stevie & Joseline Go Hollywood , where she starred opposite her former boyfriend, Stevie J.

Joseline's transition of becoming a mother was also shown on screen, as she and Stevie J collaborated again in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Joseline's Special Delivery , which showed the struggles she went through while being pregnant with her daughter, Bonnie Bella Jordan.

The actress has stated in the past that although the shows she participated in were said to be "reality" television, not everything was real, and there was a lot of acting involved.

However, fans of Joseline can expect to see their favorite returning with a changed attitude since she is now a different woman than before.

Allegedly, Joseline, who is engaged to DJ Ballistic Beats, is currently busy with the creation of her first music album.

The reality star had a great desire to get into the music industry -- something she has tried unsuccessfully before.

The new season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami is scheduled to begin on January 6, 2020.


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