Jorge Nava Says That Anifisa Divorced Him Because Of His 128-Pound Weight Loss!

Jorge Nava Says That Anifisa Divorced Him Because Of His 128-Pound Weight Loss!
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While in prison, 90 Day Fiance star Jorge Nava has managed to lose almost half his body weight and now, he claims that his weight loss is what led to his and Anfisa’s divorce! According to him, she just suddenly ‘didn’t want anything to do’ with him after his body transformation.

During a new interview with In Touch, Jorge dished that ‘I think she was just jealous of the attention that I was getting.’

The man confirmed via his legal representative that they are indeed getting a divorce and that his weight loss is the main reason why.

Apparently, as soon as the pics proving his transformation appeared online in November of 2019, things immediately changed for the worst between them.

‘The news about my weight loss didn’t sit with her very well. I believe so because at that exact moment in time, that’s when she blocked my phone calls, and I was starting to lose contact with her. She did tell me right off the bat, the day after, that she did not want anything to do with me and that it was over,’ he told the news outlet.

But things are not so simple! Jorge actually also claimed last month while talking to TMZ that he was also planning on divorcing Anfisa after his release from prison.

He explained the reason why, saying that she ‘abandoned [him] while he’s been doing time, and ran off to be with another guy.’

Around that time, Anfisa also addressed the situation, arguing that the two of them had actually been close to filing for divorce already long before he was arrested.

However, after he went to prison, she felt like it was only right if she pressed pause on their marital problems and tried to support him ‘in this difficult situation.’

What do you think about these two getting a divorce? Is it the right decision for them?


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