Jordyn Woods Surprises Fans With A New YouTube Video: 'Mom Vs. Sister' - Check It Out Here

Jordyn Woods Surprises Fans With A New YouTube Video: 'Mom Vs. Sister' - Check It Out Here
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Jordyn Woods made her fans happy when she revealed on her social media account that she has a new YouTube video up. It's a video featuring her sister and her mother, and Jordyn wants to know who knows her better.

'NEW VIDEO ALERT! This video was so much fun to make! MOM VS SIS, who knows me better 😬 head over to my YouTube channel to check out who wins the competition🔥💞 who do you think was the winner? (Link in bio)' Jordyn captioned her post on IG.

Someone mentioned Jordy's sister, Jodie, and said: 'When that girl gets your age, the people aren't going to be able to tell you apart.'

One other commenter said, 'Of course your sister, we tend to tell our siblings more than our parents. 😂 But as a mom we know our kids even when they think we dont know.;

Someone else posted: 'Amazing. Your mom looks like she could be your older sister!' and another follower said: 'My money is on Jodie. Most times, sisters are best friends and know everything.'

Check out the video to see who actually knows Jordy better:

A commenter wrote this on YouTube: 'Her sister is at an awkward age when you are constantly getting on your Mom, and she can't do anything right in your eyes! lol ugh...'

Another fan said: 'three Beautiful Black Women; I’m so Happy you’re able to go on with your Life..Go in Godspeed Ms.Lady.'

Someone else said: 'Ahahahahah I was like “Man, mom has to win” after the tie-down, “Mom common you can still win” After the result,” Mom don’t worry you will be back stronger” I felt so involved that I forgot that it was a video 😅'

In other news, not too long ago, Jordyn had another surprise for her fans.

She made the exciting announcement on her social media account and told them that they could win a year's worth of clothes .

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