Jordyn Woods Shows Off Some Massive Bling In Her Latest Video - See It Here

Jordyn Woods Shows Off Some Massive Bling In Her Latest Video - See It Here
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Jordyn Woods showed off a massive bling piece in her latest clip. Check out the video that she shared on her social media account below.

A lot of fans told Jordyn that she should come out with her own line of jewellery. Check out what more fans said in the comments section.

A follower said: 'ok whenever you’re ready to come out with your own fine jewellery line lmk' and someone else posted this message: 'It the creativity and beauty for me 😭'

One other follower said: 'Wow! why you are so pretty, you are looking gorgeous,' and someone else posted this message: 'Naturally I mean naturally beautiful QUEEN no 1 can compete with you, honey.

Someone else said: '@jordynwoods i think I should be your pet project😂 #1 cause I feel like we would vibe good AF; as in not weird i promise lol.....#2 I think it would be cool to use ur status and talents and see how far u can help someone else go🤷🏽‍♀️ i have a good “foundation” buttttt I eat cereal every night and I love snacks🌿💨 sooooo I need some Jordyn to work out routines and its a wrap🙌 if not thats cool too. Your amazing, look amazing, love your work ethic and continued success. Wishing you positivity and blessings on blessings hun❤️'

Another follower posted this message: 'Just know that when you break up with him I’ll still be here.'

Someone posted the following message: ' @jordynwoods No You Didn't Got The Retro Brick Phone.'

In other recent news, it's been revealed that Jordyn Woods  has been enjoying an amazing vacay with her BF Karl-Anthony Towns.

She has been keeping fans updated on social media, and now, she dropped some  new pics  which show her gorgeous and toned body.

Jordyn  shared some new pics with her BF,  Karl-Anthony Towns , and these two lovebirds are truly happy.

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