Jordyn Woods Shows Off A Piece Of Jewelry And Haters Say She's Copying Kylie Jenner

Jordyn Woods Shows Off A Piece Of Jewelry And Haters Say She's Copying Kylie Jenner
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Jordyn Woods shared a short clip on her social media account in which she is flaunting a gorgeous iced necklace. Fans are here for it, and they are happy that this amazing girl can go on and shine without the Kardashians, but haters are saying that she's copying Kylie Jenner.

Kylie also showed off some new jewelry the other day and probably that's why haters got so agitated and started to bash Jordyn.

Here are the photos that Kylie shared on her social media account.

Kylie captioned the first pic with 'tonight in my brand new shimmer eye glaze from the summer collection ✨ shade Aqua Mama & Deep Sea Dreams.. also Beach Bum on the lips 👄 all launching on the 10th @kyliecosmetics,' and she shared another photo which had the caption focused on the necklace.

Now, take a look at Jordyn's video that she shared on her IG.

A massive debate started in the comments section.

Someone said, 'can’t wait for the comments that say you’re copying kylie lmao so i can fight' and a hater wrote: 'Kylie let you keep the gifts that was nice !!!!'

One commenter posted: 'Like Kylie yesterday' and one other person who obviously doesn't like Jordyn said: 'She wants to be Kylie so bad not even in a million years enjoy while it last darling 😎😘'

Somoene else said: 'It’s crazy y’all really come to these people pages to insult them the way y’all do. The Kardashians have been doing ten times worse to so-called “friends”, yet no one jumps their boat. 🙄 Chile, please.'

Someone defended Jordyn and said this: 'I wish y’all weren’t such haters 🙄with or without Kylie money she’s still beautiful inside and out but let’s not forget Jordy has her own she slowed down shit she was doing for her BFF don’t make it seem like she was sitting around being cute and begging and @Kim is rude asf she throws money into everything even her own siblings.'

Just recently, it was reported that Jordyn feels disrespected by the way in which Khloe body-shamed her.

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