Jordyn Woods Shows Off A New Look While Revealing A Surprise To Her Fans

Jordyn Woods Shows Off A New Look While Revealing A Surprise To Her Fans
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Jordyn Woods just hit her fans and followers with a pretty amazing surprise and revealed a new phone number where they can reach heer to talk about makeup, boys, sports, and everything they want. She is also flaunting a new wig with blonde highlights, which looks amazing on her.

Check out the new video and pics that she shared on her social media account.

A follower said: 'Omg you are such a kind-hearted person,' and one other person shaded Jordyn for the 'hone trick' and posted this message: 'Phone number farming. It’s for advertisement purposes. So if y’all don’t want spam calls and texts, don’t text or call her.'

One commenter gushed over heer beauty and said: 'You stay with a fresh glow!! I love it! Your makeup tutorial really helped me 🗣'

Another follower posted: 'This hair is EVERYTHING AND @gisellesotobrows these brows yes My love🔥🔥 !!!!'

Someone else said: 'Influencers really think you’re dumb af lmao y’all are just signing up for direct marketing / advertising.'

A follower addressed Jordyn's lashes and said this: 'I dont think you need big lashes i think you would look better without it.'

A commenter posted: 'Why people are giving their personal phone to the world is in it scary?? Hope everyone staying safe and healthy.'

Another follower also believes that this is an ad trick and wrote: 'The number of people that are going to fall for this thinking it’s her real number and thinking that she’ll be the one responding.'

One other follower was shocked by JHOrdyn's brows and said: 'How do your brows still look like that?? How? Mine have totally grown out.'

Other than this, Jordyn's fans went crazy with excitement when it’s been revealed that she was the kangaroo at the Masked Singer. She posted various clips on her social media account, revealing this experience for her fans.

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