Jordyn Woods Shares Gorgeous Photos From The Latest Video Shoot With Rick Ross

Jordyn Woods Shares Gorgeous Photos From The Latest Video Shoot With Rick Ross
Credit: BET

It was recently reported that Jordyn Woods was featured in Rick Ross' video and her fans went crazy with excitement seeing this. They made sure to praise her and tell her to keep living the best life despite haters.

You may have learned by now that Kylie Jenner has unfollowed Jordyn Woods  after the latest event.

Before this event, Kylie reportedly hinted at the fact that she could one day reconcile with Jordyn, but after what happened now, it’s been reported that there are  zero chances that Kylie and Jordyn will become friends again .

Jordyn was able to get a lot of projects and she's keeping herself busy these days. Rick Ross' video is just one of them.

Here are more images that Jordyn shared from the filming of this clip online.

'so much fun on the BIG TYME video shoot with the OG Boss.. are y’all ready for the video tomorrow? @richforever 💥' Jordyn captioned one of her posts.

A fan told her to 'stay strong and be with bosses ..happy for u.'

Somoene else wrote: 'aw this is cute 😍 i just watched your episode on Grownish too, you did great Jordyn. sis is BOOKED!!!! 👏🏾'

One follower said: 'She is doing everything she couldn’t when she was under the Kardashian’s clan 👏🏾👏🏾'

Someone else posted: 'I’m so glad our community has come together and embraced the beautiful young lady. We have all been in uncomfortable situations that with age we would have handled differently but they shouldn’t cost us everything. I’m so looking forward to your continued success!!!'

Jordyn's fans are supporting her throughout all her recent projects.

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