Jordyn Woods Shares A New Video On Her YouTube Channel - She's Talking About One Of Her New Ventures In Fitness

Jordyn Woods Shares A New Video On Her YouTube Channel - She's Talking About One Of Her New Ventures In Fitness
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Jordyn Woods just shared a new video on her newly created YouTube channel. She's addressing working out after she already highlighted the fact that this is one of her life's great passions.

'In this video I'm at the gym talking about one of my many new ventures in fitness. I show you the coolest resistance bands I've been working so hard on creating for you guys! Plus I introduce Grace, the woman who founded BND whilst at university studying for her degree,' Jordyn began the caption of her video.

She continued and told her fans that 'This was one of the key reasons for to me to do this collaboration and work with like-minded females who empower each other to do good! I also talk about finding purpose in life, I know so many of us are lost and I truly feel that if we just keep going and stay true to ourselves, we won't need to find our purpose, instead, it'll find us! I hope you guys love it, let me know what you think.'

Someone commented: 'Jordyn is so humble I love her energy she is an inspiration, sending prayers and positive vibes to her mother ❤️'

A follower posted: 'I am so proud of the woman that I see you becoming—-I even bought your eyelashes 😳😳😳and I will definitely will be getting these because of you 🥰🥰🥰'

One fan said: 'The one I have rolls down constantly. This product looks sturdy and durable. I would like to try it out.'

Someone else wrote: 'I was having such a horrible day and honestly seeing Jordy upload made me feel so much better and happier love you Jordy❤❤❤❤'

Earlier today it was reported that Jordyn revealed the most recent collab on her social media account,

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  • Roland
    Roland Oct 19, 2019 5:38 PM PDT

    Love Jordyn Woods! It would be nice if Zeus gave her a show! This is how we raise our daughters! Clean and smart and refreshing. Not gutter like Chyna and Tokyo. We need more young ladies to follow Jordyn, and I will be purchasing the workout bands. If I like the person, then I support their business. Keep being classy, Jordyn! Much respect to you!

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