Jordyn Woods Sets Twitter Ablaze After Her Lymphatic Drainage Massage Video Goes Viral

Jordyn Woods Sets Twitter Ablaze After Her Lymphatic Drainage Massage Video Goes Viral
Credit: Source: Jordyn Woods/Instagram

Jordyn Woods set Twitter ablaze over the weekend after she shared a video of herself receiving a lymphatic drainage massage on social media. The video shows the beautiful 22-year-old model and singer lying on a table without any clothes on, and only a skimpy towel to protect her modesty. The masseuse wore a face mask to ensure that Jordyn was protected during the treatment that consisted of a lot of kneading and deep-tissue massage. The massage helps clear toxins from the body and is a popular spa therapy for those who need to ensure their body is working at maximum capability. The video that Jordyn shared broke the Internet because as the masseuse worked on Jordyn's upper thigh area, her derriere responded to each movement. This set the Internet ablaze with Twitter users going crazy over Jordyn's figure.

Many men responded that they couldn't stop watching the video, while some women argued that they didn't believe Jordyn's body was 100 percent natural. Others pointed out that many black women have natural hourglass figures and the body type that many celebrities have is actually the result of cosmetic procedures, implants, and other surgical enhancements.

For every woman who tried to shade Jordyn, other women came to her defense. Due to the nature of the video, it is too graphic to share. Instead, you may see an edited version of the video the Shaderoom posted. The edited version uses a peach emoji superimposed over Jordyn's bottom.

You may see the video of Jordyn Woods ' lymphatic drainage massage below.

One woman posted that her boyfriend followed Jordyn Woods and stated, "No one talk to me today."

Photos and videos of Jordyn have trended through the weekend since Jordyn shared the now-viral video. Those who want to see the unedited video can easily find it simply by searching Jordyn Woods' name on social media platforms. What do you think about Jordyn's viral video? Have you ever had a lymphatic drainage massage?

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