Jordyn Woods Runs Into Kendall Jenner And Hailey Baldwin At Coachella And She's Reportedly 'Uncomfortable'

Jordyn Woods Runs Into Kendall Jenner And Hailey Baldwin At Coachella And She's Reportedly 'Uncomfortable'
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Just the other day it was reported that Jordyn Woods had a lot of fun while attending the second day of the music fest Coachella.

Kylie Jenner's (ex) BFF was hiding in a mask, and she had her head covered with a hood.

However, a handsome mystery man was putting his arms around Jordyn. It was also reported that her mom was there as well, also having a good time.

Jordyn seemed to loosen up later on in the afternoon when she appeared on stage with close friend Jaden Smith.

Now, Hollywood Life is bringing more news and reports that Jordyn bumped into Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin at the festival and she was reportedly not too thrilled about the whole uncomfortable situation.

The famous online publication reported that an eyewitness said this run in was a bit too much for Jordyn.

'Jordyn Woods felt noticeably very uncomfortable when she had an awkward and unexpected run-in at Coachella with Kendall Jenner on Saturday, April 13,' the insider said.

The same source continued and said that 'Jordyn arrived all smiles with friend Jaden Smith and his girlfriend Odessa Adlon. They were there about 20 minutes when in walked Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin.'

The source also said 'Neither party attempted to speak to the other nor pay any attention to what the other was doing, and Jaden had left the cabana to wander around the party, but it was obvious that Jordyn felt uncomfortable and left within five minutes of the girls arriving.'

Fans are wondering whether Jordyn also bumped into Kylie Jenner who was there with Travis Scott.

There are no reports about such a meeting so far, but stay tuned for more info.

A lot of recent reports have been suggesting that Jordyn and Kylie have in fact solved their issues, and they're speaking again.


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