Jordyn Woods Reveals She Was Called 'Fat' After A Paparazzi Photo - Elizabeth Woods Supports Her All The Way

Jordyn Woods Reveals She Was Called 'Fat' After A Paparazzi Photo - Elizabeth Woods Supports Her All The Way
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Jordyn Woods launched her very own YouTube channel, and during her first video that she shared with her followers, she revealed a very heartbreaking moment in her life - the moment when she was called 'fat' after a paparazzi photo surfaced. She was 13 years old.

Jordyn also showed fans the photo that she was talking about in the video.

Here's how she captioned the clip:

'I'm so excited to say my first ever YouTube video is finally live! Link in my bio
I open up for the first time about so many things I've been through, including my body transformation, dealing with the loss of my father, and how we can all overcome the obstacles life throws our way.'

'I always grew up the bigger girl, the taller one, and as you get older, you get more and more self-conscious. When you're young, you don't care as much... but it would be the little things like going to pool parties,' Jordyn stated.

She continued and explained to her fans that she wore baggy T-shirts instead of a bikini: 'I was not comfortable in a bikini and would not even want to go to a pool party.'

Jordy confessed that there have also been 'little comments' that hurt her eventually: for instance, someone talked to her father and said, 'She will be pretty once she loses all the baby fat.'

All this made her acknowledge that she is different from everyone else.

'As time goes on, you get so comfortable with accepting that's who you are... I was comfortable with being in the background and not caring to fit in,' she said.

Jordyn also made sure to offer her gratitude to everyone who is supporting her, and you can find out more about what she had to say in the video.

Her mom, Elizabeth Woods, praised her and said: 'I am so proud of you! You are quite a special individual!!❤️❤️'

A fan wrote: 'I can't wait to watch. I'm sure it's very informative. You're smart, beautiful, and I can tell that you have a genuine heart. Keep pushing and grinding. I don't know you personally, but I'm proud of your accomplishments thus far. My daughters and I are HUGE fans. Maybe one day we can meet you. I do believe that dreams come true!'

Jordyn's fans have been recently telling her that her beauty is unmatched .

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