Jordyn Woods Posts Picture With Her Mother, Elizabeth, And Sister Jodie -- They Look Like Triplets And People Are Confused

Jordyn Woods Posts Picture With Her Mother, Elizabeth, And Sister Jodie -- They Look Like Triplets And People Are Confused
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Many are seeing triplets after model Jordyn Woods took to social media and posted a photo featuring herself, her younger sister, and their mother.

The picture was taken over the weekend where Jodie and Jordyn Woods were celebrating Mother's Day with mom Elizabeth Woods.

In the selfie, the mother and her daughters are sitting in a car, and quite frankly, it is hard to tell who is who.

Many fans of Kylie Jenner's former BFF jumped in the comment section to say they are confused.

One supporter wrote: "in the first picture, I can't tell which one is Jordyn woah. Over trying to squint my eyes to tell..keep closing my eyes and wiping them like let me look again ...I give up. they really do have the EXACT same face omg."

Another commenter asked: "wtf! Jordyn and Jodie are spitting images of one another! I could barely tell the difference in the first pic."

This person explained: Jordan is on the right. I follow her, and she had on that brown coat in her story. And she posted the pic on her page, and someone said she tagged her sister, in the middle.

A fan with good eyes shared: "Jordy n's sister's lips are rounder, and her hairline is higher up. You can tell better in the second pic then go back to the first, and you can tell which is which."


Meanwhile, Hollywood Life claims this is how Jordyn is handling the split from the Kardashian/Jenner clan: "This situation has truly shown her who her real friends are. This whole thing has been a giant learning experience for her."

The source continued with: "Jordyn Woods is still shaken up over the loss of her friendship with Kylie and scandal involving Tristan Thompson. She is still very much trying to keep to herself even though she's slowly starting to come out a bit more. Jordyn knows it's important because now she's all on her own and needs to be out there, but she's as closed off and private as possible."

The friend added: "She doesn't trust a lot of people, that much is clear. When out, she really is just keeping to herself and doing her own thing. Jordyn wants to be out because she knows she has products to promote and needs to be social and isn't wanting to just sit at home and sulk, but she's trying to do it by keeping to herself as much as possible."

Jordyn has moved on.

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